Looking For Fun? Try These Sexy College Party Ideas

Sexy College Party Ideas

Who doesn’t love parties? There is plenty of food, overflowing drinks, loud music, and a bunch of sexy girls and hot dudes. For college students, it’s a night to break free from assignments, reports, and upcoming exams. Being in college is hard, but it can be fun too!

When school’s weighing you down, it’s time to do yourself a favor and relax a bit. We listed down some college party ideas that are great for fun and hookups! Yes, you read it right—hook-ups. Are you too shy to approach a girl in a bar? Well, we have good news for you!

Here, you create your luck and set your own limit.

Tip: Don’t forget to invite the girl you’ve been eyeing for the whole semester. This could be the night you’ve been waiting for.

Sexy College Party Ideas

1. Pimps and Hoes

This gives an exciting twist to the old time CEOs and Hoes. Instead of having men as CEOs, they become pimps for the night. They ask hot girls around and negotiate with them. Bribe hoes with a drink or seduce pimps with sexy dancing to keep negotiations coming.

2. 7 Deadly Sins

What happens when envy, lust, gluttony, greed, pride, wrath, and sloth come together in one night? Well, it’s one hell of a party! Have separate rooms for each sin and load them with stuff related to that sin. For example, the lust room should be filled with condoms, sex toys, and lubricants. For the gluttony room, have a banquet of food and overflowing drinks!

3. ABC Party

This one never gets old. Going to a party wearing anything-but-clothes give a room for lots of fun and creativity! You can come with just packaging tape on your boobies or even a trash bag! Be creative and resourceful. Look for what you already have at home and transform it into a hot and sexy outfit.

4. Victoria’s for a Secret

This is the time to wear your sexiest lingerie and get ready to have a strip tease with friends. Anyone at the party can approach someone and tell him/her a secret in exchange for a piece of clothing. It could be a shirt, shoes, or socks. Everyone has the freedom to take the secret or ignore it (especially if you don’t like the one who’s asking you). In no time, you will see people walking on their undies and the party is just starting.

5. Angels and Devils

This becomes naughty and playful especially when you see devils wooing angels, or angels showing off their tails and running after devils. You can divide the venue and form a heaven and a hell. Heaven provides all sorts of food and drinks while hell has fire dancers and steaming hot portable saunas. This party is a proof that you can have the best of both worlds.

6. Black Light Party

Everyone at the party wears white shirt under black light and have highlighters handy to scribble on someone else’s shirt. The real fun comes when someone wrote “Free Hugs”, “Free Kiss”, or “Take Me Home Tonight” on their shirts.

7. Walk of Shame

We are all (half) aware of that morning after attending a party. We have hang over, our hair is messy, and our clothes are unbuttoned. You are lucky if you have your both pairs of shoes! It’s really a shame, isn’t it? But what if, those after party moments, also known as the Walk of Shame, becomes the life of the party? Everyone should come on his or her most shameful and wasted after-party look.  Relive the moment, except that this time, the party is only getting started!

8. Dirty Doctors and Naughty Nurses

The men are dressed as doctors and women are dressed as nurses. Be sure to have handy gadgets like a stethoscope to inspect a woman’s breast, well, I mean heartbeat.  Have games that perform health practices like CPR, breast checkup, and a lot of lying down!

9. Shower Party

Girls do this often in dormitories. They get wet, sing, and laugh in the shower together. We bet it’s twice the fun when the boys come in and join the shower party!  This is perfect for a venue that has common shower areas with just shower curtains as covers.

10. Sexy Masquerade

Again, let’s add a twist to something already common—a masquerade party.  Everyone wears a mask to cover his or her face, but clothed very sexy and irresistibly hot. Dance and play around since no one will recognize you. Everyone has the freedom to reveal their identity but we suggest saving the mask until the end of the party for a more fun, exciting, and mysterious party you’ve ever been into.

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