Store Manager Job Description And Career Outlook

store manager job description

store manager job description

What exactly is a store manager job description?

A store manager has a lot of responsibilities. A store’s success depends heavily on the store manager’s commitment and expertise. Here are a few things we need to know about a store manager:

Store Manager Job Description

  • Store managers are responsible for budget coordination
  • Sales and merchandising are also part of the store manager job description.
  • Store managers should be able to work well even under pressure.
  • Store managers should be able to meet deadlines.
  • Extensive experience in human resources is a big plus in carrying out the duties of a store manager.
  • Store managers should have multitasking skills, as well as, interpersonal and leadership skills.

Store Manager Responsibilities

Every retail store in the US has store managers. Retail stores provide products and services to customers, and the presence of these store managers is necessary to make sure that the customers’ needs are met at minimal cost. The following are the duties and responsibilities found in the store manager job description:

  • Planning retail budgets
  • Monitoring product inventory
  • Determining cost-effective marketing strategies together with the store owner and regional manager.
  • Drafting proposals.
  • Overseeing the recruitment of employees.
  • Evaluating current employees.
  • Improving and maintaining employee skills and well-being.
  • Resolving conflicts with customers.
  • Planning proper merchandise placement to attract customer attention.
  • Promoting the store through newspapers, community, and school affairs.

store manager job description

Store Manager Education Requirements

In order to be able to do their jobs properly, store managers should have a bachelor degree or formal education related to business. People with a bachelor degree in business administration will most likely get the job. The program includes coursework where students learn about management strategy, business ethics, basic accounting, and marketing practices.

Some retail companies may hire those who have short educational courses as long as they are able to understand the store manager job description and carry out the tasks assigned to them. There are colleges like the Evergreen Valley College in California that offer 2-year retail management programs. Those who want to be a senior store manager needs to complete a high level of education.

Part of the store manager job description is dealing with customers. In this case, knowledge of different languages may be helpful for employment, especially in culturally diverse communities. Employers also look for candidates who have pleasing personality and clean appearance.

Large retail companies usually offer in-house managerial training courses. This helps their store managers to properly and effectively carry out the duties contained in the store manager job description. The National Retail Federation also holds classes that teach human resources, merchandising, and retail management courses.

Store Manager Career Outlook

Store managers are most commonly employed in small specialty shops, general merchandise stores, and big department stores. Job openings for store managers are expected to soar to more than 50,000 up to November 2017. This is because of employment growth and labor turnover. Store manager jobs continue to rise as businesses expand, companies branch out, and entrepreneurs work to improve customer service.

The changing economy also has an impact on a store manager career outlook. Economic fluctuation means lower sales, which in turn results to the decline in demand for store managers. Even online stores demand the presence of store managers. As part of the store manager job description, they are responsible for the maintenance of the brand’s online presence. In this case internet marketing also becomes part of the store manager job description.

Store Manager Salary

Store managers are usually paid the minimum wage. Salary is higher in regions where there is less competition. The annual income of a sales manager is around $98,000. Some retail organizations give their sales managers additional compensation, such as commissions and bonuses. Commissions usually depend on the amount of sales while bonuses are based on the store manager’s performance or the overall performance of the store’s sales workers.

Store managers will continue to have a bright future. If you have the qualifications needed to carry out the duties pointed out in the store manager job description, you will most likely find it easy to find a job in this field.

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