Create Your Own Savvy-Looking Student Business Cards

student business cards

student business cardsstudent business cards

Your student business card is your ticket to your dream job, so it has to be impressive-looking as it can be. You would not want your student business cards to end up being thrown in the trash, would you? How does one create a savvy-looking, interesting and eye-catching student business card? Here are some tips for you:

  1. Complete information about yourself. Make sure that you include important information such as your name, your contact number, your e-mail address, the college you are attending, as well as your major and minor.
  2. Be unique. Make sure that your student business card stands out. For instance, an inspirational quote on the back of your card may leave an impression of your hardworking nature. You can also put a QR code to your technology advancement ability.
  3. Online Portfolio. If you have an online portfolio or website, it is highly recommended that you include its URL on your student business cards. You can also include your Twitter and Facebook username. Make sure that your username and your profile picture is appropriate and professional. Once you include this on your card, you have to be very careful about what you post or tweet. You might also want to adjust your privacy settings so prospective employers can only view what you want them to see.
  4. Skills and Accomplishment. Don’t let the space at the back of your card go to waste. Use it by putting down your skills and accomplishments.
  5. Be creative. It is okay to be a bit creative with your student business cards design especially if your field of interest requires creativity like fashion design, architecture, or interior decoration. However, even if grabbing attention is one of your card’s purposes, it is not wise to use over-the-top images.
  6. Proofread Before Printing. Before printing out your student business cards, proofread all the information and see to it that they are accurate and current. An inactive telephone number written on your business card will not do you any good no matter how you impress a potential boss on your first meeting.
  7. Be resourceful. Look for websites where you can download templates.

student business cards

Here are some websites where you can download student business card templates to use:

  • – The site offers the most affordable array of card designs and prints. You can either choose from their beautiful designs or upload your own photo.
  • – This site does not only offer business card prints, you may also order address labels that you can customize according to your taste. Adding pictures to the existing templates is totally free! What’s more? You do not need to order and pay by bulk because you can place an order for only 10 cards!
  • – Do you want sturdy student business cards that will not let you down even when someone accidentally spills coffee on it? This site has just the answer to that. They have plastic student business cards that are both beautiful and functional.
  • – For a minimum order of 25 pieces, you can have student business cards that are unique and beautiful. They use the best paper and card stocks  so you are sure that your business card will turn out to be elegant and smart just the way every professional wants it to be.
  • School’s Website. Check your college website’s student resources and services. In most colleges, students can order student business cards through the school website. Placing your official college crest on your card will make it look more impressive. What better way to show how proud you are of your school, right?

student business cards

When looking for an internship, you are selling your knowledge and your skills. In this case, your student business cards are your marketing materials. They show potential employers how suited and appropriate you are in the position. First impressions don’t always last but they are very much important especially if you want to impress a prospective employer.

So make sure that your student business cards create a memorable first impression.

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