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Texas barber college

If you’re looking to pursue a career as a barber or a cosmetologist then you should definitely enroll in Texas Barber College. They have 3 top-notch courses and they have proven to be very successful at producing highly competent graduates. Find out more about Texas Barber Colleges below:

The 3 Programs Offered at Texas Barber College

  • Master Barber Program (runs for 1,500 hours)

At the end of this program, graduates will become confident of their haircutting and hairstyling skills. With the Master Barber program, students learn haircutting techniques, both classic and contemporary. Aside from the skills, this program helps students by giving them a background on how to approach the licensing exam. They can expect to be cutting and styling a lot of hair when they enroll for this course.

  • Cosmetology Program (runs for 1,500 hours)

This program produces highly skilled professional cosmetologists. Students of this course, learn advanced practices on hairstyling and makeup. They also learn how to style a look based on their client’s facial feature and skin color. Additional courses being offered in the Cosmetology program are manicure, pedicure and nail art.

  • Braiding Program (runs for 35 hours)

This quick course is intended to give students a thorough background in braiding while giving them the hands-on practice they need. With more and more women getting hair extensions, this course is becoming very popular. It’s quick, comprehensive and can truly elevate braiding skills to the next level.

Texas barber college

Top 10 Reasons to Enroll at Texas Barber Colleges and Hairstyling School

  1. TBC has a proven track record—they have over 50 years of experience in producing highly-skilled barbers, beauticians and cosmetologists.
  2. They don’t get bigger than TBC in Texas—when we say big we mean real big. You can’t find any other barber or hairstyle school as big as Texas Barber Colleges. You are assured that classes won’t get cancelled because a lot of students enroll.
  3. Texas Barber College has 5 locations you can choose from—TBC has 2 campuses in Houston, 2 campuses in Dallas, and 1 campus in Conroe. That’s five accessible and convenient locations where you can learn barbering and hairstyling.
  4. The faculty staff of Texas Barber Colleges is composed ofl top-notch professionals—they boast of having more than a combined 125 years of experience for their teaching staff. You will be learning from the best when you enroll for a Barbering, Cosmetology, or Braiding program with TBC.
  5. TBC has a manageable teacher to student ratio—one teacher in TBC handles a class of 28 students. Classes are not too big and that gives the teachers the chance to spend some one-on-one time with students. Classes are also not too small and this gives the students more chances to interact with their peers.
  6. You won’t get confused with their programs—as stated above, they only have three programs: Barbering, Cosmetology, and Braiding. Rather than offer a lot of programs, Texas Barber limits their programs to only those they know they truly excel at.
  7. Trainings are hands-on in TBC—when you enroll for a barbering course, expect that you will be cutting and styling a lot of hair. TBC believes that the best way for their students to learn is to get hands-on practice at the craft of barbering and hairstyling.
  8. TBC is an accredited school—this means they can hand out financial aid to deserving students. This aid is in the form of Federal financial aid that is approved by the COE (Council on Occupational Education).
  9. Your employment opportunities greatly increase with TBC—the school has placement services for their graduates. This placement office helps find work for all Texas Barber College graduates. And it’s easy to for graduates to land jobs because most of the big names in the field are also products of the TBC system.
  10. TBC allows you to follow your own pace—they don’t have regular semesters like other schools. With TBC, they follow a time-based system where your learning is measured by the hours. This means you can follow your own learning pace just as long as you meet the required hours.

Enroll now at the Texas Barber College and become the top barber or cosmetologist in Texas.

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