The Top 10 Hardest College Majors that are Financially Rewarding

Before you enter college or university, you have to think of the major and degree program you will take. Naturally, you will want to know what college or university majors are difficult and which ones are easy. Mind you, this should not hinder you from taking that course. The important thing here is that you have an idea on what lies ahead of you in your college life. The degree program can make or break you – it is up to you to handle the stress and pressure of a college life. View the difficulty of your major as a challenge that you must overcome to reach a new level in your life. Below are the hardest college majors that you can try. It may be a tough four or five years, but it is usually very financially rewarding in the end.

10. Business


Business administration, business economics and other business undergraduate programs are one of the toughest degrees and major in most colleges and universities. This is because of the nature and dynamism involved in business. What is ‘in’ today, but may be not tomorrow. A Business course will require students to study the current trends in the economy and the flow of money. It will definitely involve critical thinking and a practical approach in order to complete the majors under the business program.

9. Political Science

9.Political Science

Political science is one of the toughest majors in the social sciences. This program studies the government, the state or the politics in general. Studying politics is one of the hardest thing you can do in college as you have to study the system and behavior within politics and conduct a thorough analysis of it. Of course, in order to have firsthand data about the analysis, you have to engage in some political affairs. Generally, the tough part of this program is dealing with the complexity of politics, nationally or internationally.

8. Special Education

8.Special Education

Some view education as one of easiest college majors to take. However, this is farthest from the truth. For a student to take a special education program it is important that you be equipped with the emotional strength as well as the mindset to nurture individuals who seem like hard to teach, seem like they’re not interested, seem like not listening to you or in general, individuals who have specials needs. There are lots of hours needed for training and practice before one can get a degree in special education. On top of the education courses, there are additional units on psychology to better equip the student in dealing with children or adults with special needs more effectively.

7. Philosophy and Religion

7.Philosophy and Religion

Not all Arts and Humanities programs and majors are easy. Philosophy and religion major is one of the programs in this category which is tough to accomplish and will require constant studying and continuing education. Through philosophy and religion, people are made aware of the reality, morality and spirituality among others. This is one college major where seeking wisdom is more important than just being able to learn. Most majors here move on to become priests ministers or work in other similar fields.

6. Biology


Biology is the study of living things – both animals and plants. In the undergraduate setting students will have to study various things about plants and animals such as their anatomy, taxonomy and many more. Expect lots of laboratory work in this major as well as dissecting all kinds of animals. Another requirement will be memorizing long and unusual scientific names. Expect also that examinations will be a big difficulty. Also, this program needs continuing education and hence, graduates in this major usually take graduate degree and specializing in the sub-field of biology.

5. Psychology


If you want to study the minds of people, psychology is the right college major for you. However, studying mental behavior and functions is not that easy as you have to detach yourself while analyzing minds. Of course, this major will require you to use the scientific method in understanding the role of the mental behavior and functions in an individual. Also, under this major, a student needs to specialize in one or two other sub-categories.

4. Chemistry


Do you like mixing chemicals and doing some synthesis to make a new compound? If yes, then chemistry is for you. However, if you want this college major, make sure that you are equipped with mathematical knowledge, observation skills and patience. Chemistry is not easy as you think. There are hazards involves and one wrong move can do permanent damage on you. Keep in mind that you will deal with acidic, carcinogenic, irritant and poisonous compounds in most laboratory classes.

3. Mathematics


Studying numbers is not that easy – everyone knows that and hence, Math majors are also a difficult college program to take. With lots of numbers, theorems, equations and formulas, you will have a hard time memorizing them all. However, with such knowledge about higher mathematics and problem solving skills, you can make use of these in your day-to-day life. Nevertheless, expect some hardships when you take math majors and even your high-end scientific calculator cannot help you in some problems.

2. Physics


The Law of motions by Isaac Newton is one of the foundations in Physics. You will study that in this major, along with Thermodynamics, matter, motions, and quantum mechanics. There different sub divisions of physics and you can decide later on if you want to pursue higher education in them. You will be dealing with string theory, particle physics, theoretical physics, experimental physics, astro physics and a whole load of other challenging but very interesting course work.

1. Engineering


Some say that the mote ‘e’s present in the name of the majors, the harder the program is. This holds true for most engineering programs. Food for thought, most engineering major students are not graduating on time with their curriculum. How hard and difficult are the engineering disciplines? Consider the names chemical engineering, electrical and electronics engineering, mechanical engineering, geodetic engineering, aerospace engineering and many more – the intimidating names live up to its promise of difficulty and hence, many students think that engineering is the hardest college major.

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  1. I had to wait till #4 to get to a single major that is actually deemed DIFFICULT!!! Business majors are a joke, Political science is not as difficult now as it was 5yrs ago for a Bachelor’s Degree. Education is simple, even special ed. I agree with #1 and 2, but everything else NOT A CHANCE!!!! BioChemistry, MicroBiology, BioMedical Sciences, BioPhysics, Physiology are all more challenging of an undergrad than everything you listed. Of all the Natural Science majors you can take at most colleges Biology and Chemistry are two of the least challenging ones. I can get a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Chemistry by taking just three more classes in addition to my Physiology degree.

  2. Phycology?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Philosophy?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ……and no Computer Science, #FAIL

  3. Biology is by far the worst… massive amounts of memorization.. long papers with citations.. class presentations… difficult exams.. ultra competitive if your school also has a medical program… a year of calculus, physics, and two years of chemistry are required.. and few jobs available with only a BS once you finish… few people understand what goes into this major and how little the benefits are if you don’t get into a graduate program, vet or medical school afterwards..

  4. Totally agree with the list! Engineering is the hardest one!

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