Top 10 Architectural Engineering Colleges Offering ABET Accredited Program

The architectural engineering is a separate yet integrated field of study in engineering. It is different from other disciplines of engineering due to the multi-disciplined approach. Training and appreciation of architecture is integrated to the building systems to come up with the overall building design. Architectural engineering or AE involves building systems designs like the HVAC (Heating, ventilation and air conditioning), electrical, fire protection, plumbing, architectural acoustics, lighting and the structural systems. Architectural engineers are licensed professional in most of the US jurisdiction. The formal education training for architectural engineering students follows that of the engineering models plus the establishment of this field through the NCEES Professional Engineering that administer the licensure exam in the 1990s. The first AE program was offered in April 2003. Students must take this program from architectural engineering colleges and universities accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of the Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology (EAC ABET).

10. Illinois Institute of Technology10. Illinois Institute of Technology

The ITT offers the AE program through the Armour College of Engineering and is administered by the Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering. The AE program of ITT is EAC ABET accredited. The program is building-oriented in which students will have opportunity to attain formal engineering education in the building-system integration, building architecture and the structural and computer-aided design. Students in this program are prepared to have successful careers as architectural engineers, construction managers, building contractors, consulting engineers or even structural engineers having the knowledge in the related areas of building analysis and design.

9. University of Kansas

9. University of Kansas

The AE program is offered under University of Kansas’ School of Engineering. The program is conferred as Bachelor of Science in AE in which the students will study architecture in combination with construction, mechanical, structural and electrical engineering. This undergraduate program has been accredited by the ABET ever since the accreditation started began. The BSc. program runs for five years or a total of 165 credit hours. As a student, you will have the opportunity to specialize in one of the four focus areas such as building lighting and electrical systems, building mechanical and energy systems, building structural systems and building construction.

8. Tennessee State University

8. Tennessee State UniversityThe Architectural engineering undergraduate program in the Tennessee State University is offered under the College of Engineering, Technology and Computer Science and administered by the Department of Architectural and Facilities Engineering. The program is accredited by ABET and they confer the Bachelor of Science degree. Students are prepared for professional career in the field of architectural engineering such as HVAC, structural and electrical design as well as the building systems design.

7. Oklahoma State University

7. Oklahoma State UniversityThe Oklahoma State University offers its Architectural Engineering program through the College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology. The undergraduate program that is accredited by the EAC ABET offered by the university is the Bachelor of Architectural Engineering. The main objective of this program is to prepare student by providing them the fundamentals as well as professional education training in the building-related structural engineering. The program is designed to help students in contributing to the society working as professional engineers that deal with analysis, design and other related activities in construction industry.

6. University of Wyoming

6. University of WyomingThe University of Wyoming is offering degree program in Architectural Engineering through the Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering. This program is accredited by the EAC ABET and typically takes three up to six years of formal education. The program was established to assist students in successfully practicing the profession of Architectural Engineering in the society. In addition the students are prepared and motivated in accepting the difficult tasks and responsibilities in this field. The students are prepared to be able to demonstrate growth in their career. The university will be offering Master of Science in AE soon and is currently in the planning stage.

5. North Carolina A & T State University

5.  North Carolina A & T State UniversityThe Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering of the North Carolina A & T University is the one administering and managing the architectural engineering program that is accredited by the EAC ABET. In the undergraduate level, the program is offered as Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering and it also possible to take dual degrees in Architectural and Civil Engineering.

4. Missouri University of Science and Technology4. Missouri University of Science and Technology

The Civil, Architectural & Environmental Engineering Department of the Missouri University of Science and Technology is the one administering and offering the architectural engineering program here. The ABET-accredited engineering program focuses on the electrical, structural, lighting and mechanical design and is directed towards giving economical and reliable structures. The courses in this program include quality control/quality assurance, cost estimating, construction techniques and contract administration. The program is conferred as Bachelor of Science.

3. Milwaukee School of Engineering

3. Milwaukee School of EngineeringThe Department of Architectural Engineering is the one offering the architectural engineering of the Milwaukee School of Engineering. The ABET-accredited program conferred is the Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering. This is a four-year degree program preparing interested students for career opportunities in designing and constructing buildings and the building systems. The school prepares students through integrated lecture and laboratory courses in which students will be connecting theory and practical application in this engineering discipline.

2. California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo2. California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo

The ABET accredited architectural engineering program is housed in the Department of Architectural Engineering in the CPSU in San Luis Obispo. This program is regarded as one of the leading programs in the nation with specialization in structural engineering with focus in seismic design as well. The program is administered through the College of Architecture and Environmental Design that is multi-disciplinary.

1. Pennsylvania State University

1. Pennsylvania State University
The Department of Architecture Engineering of the Pennsylvania University, among the best architectural engineering colleges and universities, offers three undergraduate degrees in this field that are all ABET accredited. The first program is the Bachelor of Architectural Engineering (BAE) that runs for five years and has senior thesis project in the 5th year. There is also the Integrated Bachelor and Master of Architectural Engineering (BAE/MAE) in which this combined program is offered only to selected students. A student successfully completing the additional 12 credits in the graduate level will make the students to graduate with two degrees. Then there is the Integrated Bachelor and Master of Science (BAE/MSc) in which offered to University Scholars through the Schreyer Honors College.

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  1. Where is Kansas State University in this assessment? They have regularly in the past decade beat Cal Poly and Penn State at ASHRAE and AEI competitions. Not to mention one of the longest active ABET accreditation periods.

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