Top 10 Best List of Sports Management Schools for a Great Career

Sports is not just all about players and scoring points. There is a business side to it and it takes a great deal to be able to manage a single organization. For that, you have sports management schools in which students are taught the intricacies of managing a sports organization as well as being given the opportunity to have careers as a coach, a recruiter, an agent as well as being an athletic director. Here are just some of the best colleges to take up sports management as a course.

10. Indiana University10. Indiana University

Considered to be a very exclusive institution for sports management, this university only admits 20 students per year and the competition for a spot is tough. Indiana University offers an MS in the field of Kinesiology which will give you an edge in having a career in sports. You will be taught the science of sports as well as marketing and communication.

9. Ithaca College9. Ithaca College

Although it is a small college, Ithaca offers a great sports management program with a bachelor’s degree. The good news is, because of its size, you will be given more attention and focus as a student thereby giving you an edge for learning as well as growth. Plus, there are also plenty of opportunities with careers after you attend this college.

8. Franklin Pierce University

8. Franklin Pierce University
Located in New Hampshire, you can get classes here by either attending on campus, online or a combination of both. The edge you can have when attending Franklin Pierce is that you will be required to have an internship with local sports companies for growth. You will also be trained in the fields of finance, marketing and even how you should talk to the press.

7. University of Massachusetts

7. University of MassachusettsAlso known as UMASS, this university is very well known because of its sports management programs. This is also one of the oldest universities around with this type of program and boasts the high number of graduates that have gone onto becoming successful in the field of sports.

6. University of Central Florida

6. University of Central FloridaThis college definitely has a great sports management program. In UCF, you will be given the essential tools in order to become a success in the field of sports. In addition to the training and the experience you will receive, they also offer a master’s program for sports management.

5. University of Oregon

5. University of OregonLocated in Eugene, Oregon this college offers an MBA in Sports Business which has been praised by various publications. The reason behind that is due to the fact that their program allows you to learn all the aspects of sports management needed in order to become a success with it as a career. You will also be given the opportunity to have an internship with sports companies so as to experience the real world.

4. University of North Carolina

4. University of North CarolinaIf you wanted to start a career in managing smaller sports organizations, the University of North Carolina is perfect for you. Their program in sports management gives you the chance to learn of the scientific aspect of sports which includes exercise and movement. You can earn a master’s degree in Exercise and Sports Science through their program.

3. University of Michigan

3. University of MichiganAnother great college for sports management programs, the university has organized a sports business association for its students taking up the course. Through it, the students will be given the opportunity hone their skills by taking part of events in the association. This will then prepare them towards their careers after they graduate from college.

2. Columbia University

2. Columbia UniversityLocated in the School of Continuing Education, Sports Management, this is a program which is not full time. However, their sports management program will train you in the aspect of law, finance and personnel management. Their in-depth training of their students has proven to be a great advantage in terms of being successful in the field of sports.

1. Ohio University

1. Ohio UniversityThis university has the oldest sports management program in the entire country. Offering degrees for both graduate and undergraduates, you will have many options on what degree you want to have. In addition, this university even has a program for students in high school to get them interested in the course.

Getting to good sports management schools such as the ones listed above is essential in ensuring your success in the field of sports, most especially if you plan to make a lifelong career out of it.

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