Top 10 Best Undergraduate Psychology Programs for Cognitive and Perceptive Studies

Psychology is one of the common academic fields all over the world. This applied and academic discipline involves the scientific study of the functions and behavior of the mind. Psychology will help a practitioner in immediate understanding of the people through establishment of the general principles and in researching particular cases. In this academic field, a practitioner (who is a professional) or even researcher is entitled to be called psychologist. There are many classifications under that name such as behavioral, social or cognitive scientist. As a psychologist, you will try to comprehend the role of the mental functions in people as well as the social behavior while in the exploration of the neurobiological and physiological processes underlying particular cognitive behaviors and functions. Students interested in earning undergraduate degree in psychology have different options. He can earn a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts in any of the best undergraduate psychology programs offered and can specialize in various areas such as social psychology or child psychology. As a psychology major, you will be learning more about the brain – its cognition and perception as well as taking core classes in abnormal, societal and clinical psychology

10. Columbia University10. Columbia University

The Columbia University offers Bachelor of Arts in Psychology through the Department of Psychology. This program is designed to provide students balanced curriculum in the psychological science aspect such as cognition, perception, research methods, social, personality, developmental, clinical and neuroscience. The curriculum will prepare the students for taking the graduate education and this will provide an applicable background for related fields like business, law, medicine, education and social work.

9. University of Chicago9. University of Chicago

The psychology program in the University of Chicago will teach the student about studying the mental states and the processes going on giving rise to the different behavior. The program is designed to prepare students in understanding the fundamental mechanisms and functions of emotion, cognition, perception and attitudes. The program emphasizes on the individual level; however, the individual behavior is dependent on the social structures and relationships that the people are embedded as well as the biological systems they are comprised.

8. University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign8. University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign

The Psychology Department of the University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign is offering Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in the undergraduate level for students interested in psychology. This major is designed to provide students an in-depth study of behavior of humans as well as animals. The offering in the Psychology course ranges from studying the single cells up to an individual person and then from small groups to large communities. The focus of the program is at the understanding of biological processes of human behavior, statistical analysis and in acquiring research methodologies and techniques.

7. Harvard and Radcliffe Colleges7. Harvard and Radcliffe Colleges

The undergraduate Psychology program in the Harvard University is administered under the Harvard and Radcliffe Colleges. In this program, there are various tracks available for the students to choose. These are the general track, Social and Cognitive Neurosciences Track, the Mind, Brain and Behavior Track and there is also the so-called secondary field in Psychology. Full details of these tracks are listed in the website of the Undergraduate Program as well as in FAS Handbook for Students.

6. University of California, Berkeley6. University of California, Berkeley

The Psychology major in the University of California, Berkeley is designed to attempt in giving the fundamental and well-rounded analysis of the most principal subfields in the broader field of psychology. These areas that are covered are the behavioral neuroscience, developmental, social, clinical, industrial, comparative and cognitive psychology. Learning (of both human and animal), personality, psycholinguistics and perception are also part of the program. The bachelor’s degree can be completed in four years of rigorous studies.

5. University of Minnesota – Twin Cities5. University of Minnesota – Twin Cities

The Psychology program at the undergraduate level in the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities occurs inside the context of liberal arts in which students will be studying various disciplines in the field of sciences, arts, humanities and social sciences. Hence, the program is offered as Bachelor of Arts. The Psychology program requires the students to acquire strong foundation about quantitative reasoning as well as in applying the scientific method.

4. University of Michigan – Ann Arbor4. University of Michigan – Ann Arbor

The Department of Psychology of the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor is one of the best in the nation due to the excellence of the program, faculty and the students itself. The undergraduate programs are consistent in pioneering big contributions in both the classroom and research education and moreover, about the advancing of the experiential learning in this field.

3. University of Pennsylvania3. University of Pennsylvania

As the science of behavior, brain and mind, the Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania is designed to prepare the students in become professionals in their chosen field. The Psychology program in the university is consistent as being ranked among the best in the nation and the world as well. The program, under the Department of Psychology, utilizes rigorous techniques and methods in developing future psychologists in answering the calls and questions in wide array of overlapping areas in research.

2. Yale University2. Yale University

The Department of Psychology of the Yale University presently conducts various researches in the major areas of the field of Psychology. These include clinical, behavioral neuroscience, developmental, cognitive, social and personality psychology. The Bachelor of Arts (BA) in psychology is designed to provide the undergraduate students the sensible foundation in the psychology within the context of liberal arts.

1. Stanford University1. Stanford University

The Psychology Department of the Stanford University offers the best undergraduate psychology programs with excellent training methods in understanding the human behavior with the use of scientific methods. Taking up psychology in Stanford will allow you to have career opportunities in various fields like in business, law, education, social work and Medicine aside from Psychology itself. If you do not know what track to take, the faculty advisors and Student Services Office can provide assistance in your course selection. The program offered in Psychology is for a major in Bachelor of Arts, minor and even in the track of co-terminal Master of Arts.

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