Top 10 Cool Party Themes that Will Make Your Party the Best Ever

How many great parties have you attended throughout the course of your entire life? There are probably more than a handful parties that standout from your mind at the moment. But the question is, since you’ve already attended so many great ones, how else will you be able to think of other equally great ideas? Well, the technique is to basically think of cool party themes and incorporate a touch of uniqueness to each of them. Just like that, you will be able to conceptualize your own great party as well.

10. Outdoor Fun10 Outdoor Fun

One of the most fun and exciting kinds of party themes you can easily pull off is of course an outdoor-themed party. The idea behind it is actually very simple too. All you have to do is hold the party outdoors, ensure that your pool is open for access and make sure as well that you have a couple of grillers ready for grilling. To make the party even more exciting, why not incorporate a number of unique outdoor games that both kids and adults at you party will surely love.

9. Alice in Wonderland Party9 Alice in Wonderland Party

One of the most memorable scenes in the original movie Alice in Wonderland is of course the tea party scene where almost all the characters were present. So if you are looking for a cool party theme that will work, why not consider this one great option now. Nobody has to come in an attire inspired by the movie but of course this too will be a great idea but more than this, everyone needs to be able to have fun with a simple tea gathering where stories will be exchanged and the like.

8. All-Girl Party Themes8 All-Girl Party Themes

Another great party theme idea is none other than those that are mainly focused for girls. This of course will only work if your friends are all girls. Go for a party with everything girly when it comes to the backdrop, layout and even your plates and utensils. Make sure too that all of your foods are themed based on what is most popular among girls. Some examples can be pink colored cupcakes or if your guests are mature women, include a wonderful pampering booth to your party.

7. All-Male Party Themes7 All-Male Party Themes

Of course, if you can think of an all-female party theme, you should also consider going after an all-male one. There are a lot of options you can go for with this theme but make sure to not require anyone to come in their favorite superhero costume because this might not necessarily work anymore. Rather, focus on more manly things in your party. If it is between a small group of guy friends, play some rounds of pool at home, drink bottles of beer and enjoy an exciting football game on television.

6. Children’s-Themed Parties6 Children’s-Themed Parties

Of course, there is no forgetting how cool children’s parties are these days. If you haven’t attended one recently that you just might be outdated. Most parties for children these days have their own inflatable beds, a number of cute and colorful giveaways plus a number of sweet, colorful and delicious treats. Make sure to ask what your children likes though if only to make sure that you will be making his or her party truly memorable.

5. Animal-Themed Party5 Animal-Themed Party

If all of your friends are animal lovers then this party theme will definitely be cool for all of you. What you can do is ask all of your friends to bring just one pet to your party. This way, everyone not only you guys will have the most fun. This is of course a great idea if your party will be held outdoors. Otherwise, it might not necessarily work if it were to be held indoors. Other than this, you also have to make sure that the pets in your party are tame and not necessarily dangerous to other people.

4. Ice Cream and Cake Party4 Ice Cream and Cake Party

If your party will be held during snack time, there’s really no reason for you to spend too much on food. This is because everyone would still gather in his or her own homes come dinnertime. So what you might want to do is just focus on an ice cream and cake party where everyone will be given a scoop and a slice of cake while enjoying some form of entertainment.

3. Rainbow-Themed Party3 Rainbow-Themed Party

If you think it’s quite difficult to pull-off a rainbow in your party, don’t worry because you can focus on putting up a rainbow-themed party instead. This kind of party is great because everything in your party will be made more colorful. Imagine having a rainbow colored cake, Ice cream and even the nicest of all backdrops and so much more.

2. Up by Pixar Theme2 Up by Pixar Theme

When the Movie UP by Disney Pixar was released in 2009, a lot of children went gaga over it. Although the theme of the movie was more appreciated by adults, one cannot deny how a lot of kids fell in love with the concept of seeing Russell and the grandfather’s house go up in the air because of too much balloons. This then can be a really cool theme for a party. Make sure that your children get to experience this at least once in their life.

1. Picture Perfect Theme1 Picture Perfect Theme

A simple yet definitely cool theme for a party is one wherein you will bring in a photo booth where people can take as many pictures as they want. Since this kind of concept really comes with a lot of other ideas for headdresses and costumes, all of your friends will have so much fun in making sure that everyone gets to be the character or person they want to be in just one shot and more. Make sure that no one leaves the party without at least one shot of picture on hand to make it truly memorable for everyone.

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