Top 10 Cosmetology Schools Across the World

Beauty products, cosmetics, hairstyles agents – these things were already present even in the earliest human civilizations. And no, we’re not kidding. They started using only fruit pigments, natural coloring from leaves, plants and animals just to style their hair or give it different color and shine. Cosmetology has gone far since beauty products were discovered. Today, people actually study how to further improve the use of cosmetics in enhancing a person’s appearance. Different schools can be found all over the world offering cosmetology as a course. You won’t believe how intense the competition is. Each and every institution takes pride on what they offer their students, giving way to new trends in making people feel more beautiful and confident about themselves. If you’re interested in this area, here are the top cosmetology schools that you may want to study in.

10. Aveda Institute

10 Aveda Institute

The Aveda Institute had already made its mark in the cosmetics industry. Their course offerings include internships with top beauty product makers, enabling their students to have firsthand knowledge on the most updated techniques. This arrangement is also helpful such that they are given the chance to be familiar in using these products. Aveda has sub-branches across the United States as well as overseas. This institution prides itself in giving high quality training and mastery in cosmetology.

9. Empire Beauty Schools

9 Empire Beauty Schools

Considered as the largest cosmetology school in America, Empire Beauty Schools certainly expanded well over the years and is only continuing to broaden its horizons. In the present, this school has precisely 109 sub-branches nationwide. This institute must be doing well in teaching cosmetology and other beauty expertise. And since the only thing constant in its history is acquisitions and expansions, this school is certainly making its mark.

8. Paul Mitchell Schools

8 Paul Mitchell Schools

If you love fashion, the name “Paul Mitchell” is not something you haven’t heard of. Paul Mitchell is a legend when it comes to hair styling. He was able to set trends that endured for decades. His statements and creations were adored by many fashion icons and stars. He has over one hundred thousand salons across the globe. His schools are patronized by many since everyone in the fashion industry knows the quality of his work.

7. Arrojo Cosmetology School

7 Arrojo Cosmetology School

Nick Arrojo is best known as a celebrity stylist. Being in the industry for quite some time now, he then established the Arrojo Cosmetology School which are scattered in a number of states. This school is one of those that offer extensive training on the salon floor. For Nick Arrojo, the best way to learn is through actual experience, and students definitely appreaciate this practical approach. What do you think?

6. Regency Beauty Institute

6 Regency Beauty Institute

The Regency Beauty Institute is one of those schools that are somehow conservative in terms of doing expansions since they have a policy that would not let others get their franchise. It may sound selfish, but actually it makes sense because there is no other way of keeping intact the quality of their work assuring the highest standards. It has branches located on different states in the U.S. and offers similar curriculums on each and every branch they have. If you want exclusivity then this is the school for you.

5. Ogle Beauty School

5 Ogle Beauty School

Ogle Schools started providing quality education in the beauty industry since 1973. This school is said to be one of the premiere educational facilities though their main and sub-branches which can only be found in Texas. The school is more focused on giving hands-on experience and training to its students as well the proper managing and handling of a salon. Students would not have a hard time choosing a schedule that is convenient for them since they offer morning and evening classes.

4. Sassoon Academy

4 Sassoon Academy

The Sassoon Academy is one of those schools that had turned global. It has institution on Europe and mostly in the United States. World domination through cosmetology might be their goal but there is nothing to be afraid of. All that they want to achieve is producing high end cosmetologists and beauticians that may change the fashion world through their teachings and techniques.

3. Marinello Schools of Beauty

3 Marinello Schools of Beauty

Founded by Mrs. Ruth Maurer, the Marinello Schools of Beauty has been producing professionals in the fashion and beauty industry for more than a century. The evolution of this institution started on Mrs. Maure’s own home when she tried to make her own beauty product over a gas range with just a bunch of face creams. It then evolved to a dream of revolutionizing beauty products and eventually turned into what Marinello Schools is all about.

2. EI School of Professional Makeup

2 EI School of Professional Makeup

Hollywood is the home of some of the most awesome cosmetics and makeup applications than are seen on different movies. Located within the streets of California lies the oldest the most popular cosmetics school, the EI School of Professional Makeup. The institute has a proud history of producing professionals whose talents are nurtured through their high quality trainings and workshops.

1. Management Trainee

1 Management Trainee

COBA started to educate and train students to become professionals since 1965. Graduates from this academy are mostly sought by huge entertainment companies and productions since the quality of education and the effort put into training and harnessing the students capabilities are of the highest level. Being a licensed professional and a graduate of this school would land you to your dream job in the beauty industry.

Some people think that making someone beautiful through cosmetics is simple enough and that anyone can do it. It is true that putting on makeup does not require a lot of skill; every girl knows how to do it. However, the difference between putting simple makeup on your own and doing it professionally is huge. The latter requires skill acquired with years of training and mastery. Cosmetology and beauty schools are established because a lot of people want to know more about beautification and cosmetology. Having basic knowledge about these things is a good foundation and the only thing left is to choose the most suitable institution that knows how to turn every stroke of the brush into a masterpiece.

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