Top 10 Costume Party Themes and Ideas that You Will Remember for a Long Time

Having a party in a blast is a memorable one – even if you are in college or not. Partying is like part of the life of most people. In order to make the party more fun and entertaining, you have to incorporate some costume party themes. There is nobody telling you or the people to get to dress in some costumes during the Halloween. Having a themed party can bring a particular fun and coolness as well as vibe to any kind of party gathering and this can allow you to be like a kid again. In addition, this can bring out the creativity in your and your nice sense of humor.

A costumed themed party will provide a relaxing ambience to the partying people and it will elevate the comfort zones of the people. This can also help to ease some stress. Another good thing about having costume theme party is that shy people can get out of their shell and show up their creative side. If there are people that will attend your party without a costume, you can impose some ‘law’ by making them pay a fine or related punishment.

10.Casino Night

10. Casino Night

You can try this costume party theme in which all of you will have to bring out the gamblers and party animal sides. Here, you have to wear fancy dresses suitable in most casinos. Be ready for the serious feel of this one because all of you have to show some class. You can play real gambling games or gambling with truth or dare consequences. However, don’t drink too much or you may lose your money!

9. ABC Party

9. ABC PartyABC in a party stands for Anything But Clothes. The party people must wear ABC costumes – these are not the casual dress or clothes you will see every day. Here, make full use of your imaginative side. Use plastic bags, duct tapes, cardboard boxes, plastic and many more. The ideas are endless in this theme.

8. Toga Party

8. Toga PartyThe toga themed party is one of the most common ideas in parties, especially in the college level. This classic idea will not go out of date. Do not know what to wear? Look at John Belushi and you will have an idea. As a theme in college parties, guys and girls will be showing off some skin so for kids, this is not for you!

7. Margaritaville or the Buffet Bash

7. Margaritaville or the Buffet BashA Jimmy Buffet or Beach theme party will be a splash and if you will add some sand props, everyone will surely enjoy! Get ready with those beach dresses – the hat, flowers around the neck and of course, the buffet foods!

6. Super heroes/fictional characters

6. Super heroes-fictional charactersDo you like Superman? How about Batman? Having a costume party using super heroes and other fictional characters is nice. This is one of the common costume party themes for both kids and adults. You will the like of Superman, Batman, The Flash, X-Men characters, Disney Princesses and many more. A cool and fun thing about is that you can see the creative side of people in making costumes from scratch. This one is slightly different from costume playing (cosplay) simple because you are not playing, but rather partying in those costumes.

5. Foam Party5. Foam Party
In a foam party, you have to be ready to meet people covered with foam. Here, you have to rent a foam machine. One drawback, though – people partying with this theme will get slippery and this is the fun part. You will never know what can happen during the party!

4. Luau

4. LuauWant to feel the ambience in Hawaii? Throw up a Luau themed party. This kind of party is best to throw during spring simply because all people are looking forward for the summer time. Get ready with those grass skirts and hunky shirts with drinks being served from coconuts. The Hawaiian vibe is surely a hit and a cool party to have.

3. Mardi Gras

3. Mardi GrasThe Mardi Gras is a Carnival celebrations that start during or after the Epiphany and it will culminate the day before Ash Wednesday. In fact, Mardi Gras is French word for Fat Tuesday that means the last night of eating fatty foods since Ash Wednesday is the start of Lenten season; hence, with this motif, expect a crazy party as everyone will indulge to foods and drinks like there will be no tomorrow.

2. Decades costumed parties

2. Decades costumed partiesHave you ever noticed the fashion trends in the last five or six decades? From the 1950s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90s, the fashion trends are unique and different. For instance, if you will try to dress with 1950s style, you have to wear glamorous clothes for glamorous look and appeal. Elvis Presley lived on this decade so you can think of him and his clothes. The 1960s is the hippy one. The 1970s introduced the disco, glam rock, punk and easy listening. It is easy to find clothes for this decades party themes. You can ask your parents, look at their old photographs or even search for the poplar and iconic people in those decades.

1. Graffiti Party

1. Graffiti Party
In a graffiti party, everyone will have to bring their marker and have to wear white shirts. Then, it is imperative that you and the people must write on each other shirt. You can use highlighter with black light combination providing that glowing look of the words you write. The cool accent in using the combination of black light and highlighter is that the people who you write about will not visibly see the words written and you can only see it if you are in a black light. The same goes for you. There are some costume party themes that will keep normal lights turned on during most of the party’s time as everyone writes on each other shirt and the black light will be turned on at the end so that everyone can see what people have written.

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