Top 10 Creative Writing Colleges for Students Wanting to Take a Creative Writing Degree

For people aspiring to become a writer, a poet or to create a significant article, he/she may have to take creative writing in his/her undergraduate study. Creative writing, from the name itself, is any writing that is outside the boundaries of the normal journalistic, professional, technical and academic forms of literature. This kind of writing is generally known by the focus on character development, narrative craft and utilization of the literary tropes. Fictional and non-fictional books – these are some examples of works of a creative writing. In the formal education, creative writing is taught in the higher level of education as a concentration, a course or a major. There are many creative writing colleges in the country and all over the world. This degree program develops the creativeness of aspiring writers and helps them to locate their niche in this discipline. Some institutions offer this creative writing program as a minor, some as a major concentration. Some offers this to go along with English major and some in other discipline related to creative writing. Some offers this program as standalone.

10. Colorado College10.Colorado College

The Colorado College is a private liberal arts college offering this concentration in their English department. This can be taken as a concentration in the English major track. This program is offered in the undergraduate level and students will have great deal of comprehensive classroom lectures together with sharpening of the writing skills of the students in their preferred concentration.

9. University of Michigan – Ann Arbor9.University of Michigan – Ann Arbor

The University of Michigan – Ann Arbor offers the creative writing concentration in its English major. In addition, non-majors can take this program. The program conferred in the undergraduate level is one of the best in the country, particularly, the creative writing MFA program and is consistent in delivering the best curriculum in this discipline of Arts and Letters.

8. Columbia University in the City of New York8.Columbia University in the City of New York

The Columbia University in the City of New York has produced popular writers in the past and present times. The creative writing of Columbia is offered in both the undergraduate and graduate level and these programs are consistent in providing the best quality of creative writing curriculum in the country. Their program integrates workshops, seminars to the aspect of writing creatively.

7. University of Iowa7.University of Iowa

The University of Iowa and its MFA program for creative writing has been one of the country’s top programs for the past decade. As a student taking creative writing in this university, you will be immersed to various styles and niches in creative writing – your skill and talent will be deeply cultivated and the curriculum will bring out the best in you in order to meet your dreams of becoming a writer in which you may write the best non-fictional or fictional novel.

6. Washington University in St. Louis6.Washington University in St. Louis

The Washington University in St. Louis offers creative writing concentration in both the undergraduate and graduate level. Its MFA program is also one of the best and highly ranked in the country as of today. Students will be immersed to deep cultivation of their creativeness and put that creativeness in to physical outcome. Integrated classroom lectures are integrated with writing workshops and seminars.

5. New York University5.New York University

The New York University of NYU is ranked in the top 5 of the nation’s best creative writing programs. Some of the advantages of taking your creative writing degree here is the nationally acclaimed and well-known faculty and the active participation of the university in journals. Studying in NYU is like a privileged because of these factors. Its undergraduate and graduate programs about creative writing will definitely bring out the creativeness in the students in coming up with best-selling works.

4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology4.Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Who says that the academics in MIT are all about engineering, technology and science? MIT is not just highly ranked accidentally in the entire world as the best university in every programs and creative writing is included here. Their program will not just sharpen your skills, it will also develop you the talent needed to become a writer and in shaping your creativeness and imagination in this discipline of writing. MIT is one of the best creative writing colleges/universities to enroll with.

3. Johns Hopkins University3.Johns Hopkins University

The Johns Hopkins University and its English department offer one of the best creative writing programs in the nation. Together with critical analysis, literary writing and the literature education, it can enhance your writing skills to its full capacity. You will love the fact that every classroom has small student to teacher ratio making the on-campus training very admirable and competent.

2. Hamilton College2.Hamilton College

The Hamilton College offers excellent coursework, wide breadth of choices for students in the English majors. In addition to that, the College is nationally renowned as a writing center. The English major students in this college are allowed to concentrate in either literature or creative writing. Poetry, playwriting, fiction and creative non-fiction – these are some of the significant lessons that students will learn in this institutions.

1. Emory University1. Emory University

The Emory University is arguably the one of the best creative writing colleges in the country today. It has produced big time writers. Emory’s undergraduate Creative Writing program offers students the needed and intensive workshops in which they may tackle several genres such as Poetry, screenwriting, playwriting, fiction and creative non-fiction. In a single classroom of creative writing class, the minimum students are 15 and the maximum is 25 and hence, as a student, you have a more personalized connection to the professor. If you are seeking to enhance and develop your creative writing skills, Emory is one of the colleges/universities that you should try to apply.

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