Top 10 Design and Game Development Schools in the Country

Video gaming is one of the in-demand and ever-increasing and changing industries today. Consumers who are gamers are constantly looking for new challenges in video games. Aside from the storyline of the game, the design, concept and styles are also essential. Games in today’s world are not only those you see in gaming consoles like Sony PS3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and many more. In addition, video games for computers, smartphones and browser-based devices have high demands. Creating video games is not just about creativity. There is a system in it. In fact, video development and design is a course offered in both undergraduate and graduate level. Most of the time, the game development schools (colleges and universities) are offering the game development and design degree program under a major specialization in computer science program or in interactive media design. Nevertheless, students wishing to design and develop their own video games must take this degree program.

10. Becker College10. Becker College

The game development curriculum is a major concentration under the Bachelor of Arts in Interactive Media Design. For the Becker College, this concentration is designed to nurture individuals wanting to venture in the IT field in creating, designing and developing games or even in taking further and advance studies in this field. In this study area, students will have the opportunity to experience hands-on and practical training. For more details, interested students can check out

9. Rochester Institute of Technology9. Rochester Institute of Technology

The Rochester Institute of Technology is offering Bachelor of Science in Game Design and Development. This program can take four years to complete in the undergraduate level. The core curriculum of this undergraduate program will make the students able to explore the landscape of the entertainment technology. Being a core undergraduate program and unlike other institution offering the game development program as a concentration, students will have in-depth study and hands-in experience in the gaming industry.

8. Champlain College8. Champlain College

The Champlain College is offering the game development program under the Game Art and Animation. This program is administered through the Division of Communication and Creative Media and in the undergraduate level, it is offered as Bachelor of Science. Students will have the opportunity to engage and have hands-on experience in creating and developing a final video game as their project. For more details about the BSc program offered by Champlain College, check it out at

7. Drexel University7. Drexel University

In Drexel University, the game development undergraduate program is offered through the RePlay Lab of the Drexel Game Design. The game development program in this university is recognized by the Princeton Review as well as the GamePro Media in the game design category as one of the best. The program is offered under the Bachelor of Science in Game Programming and Development that has major concentration in Computer Science. Drexel also offers a Graduate Certificate in this program.

6. Worcester Polytechnic Institute6. Worcester Polytechnic Institute

The Worcester Polytechnic Institute offers game development program through their Interactive Media and Game Development in both the undergraduate and graduate levels. WPI provide game development education through integration of technical principles in this area with artistic vision. In the graduate level, the program (the IMGD) is offered as Master of Science. For more details about the WPI’s IMGD program, visit

5. Michigan State University5. Michigan State University

The Michigan State University offers the game development program as a specialization under the Department of Telecommunication, Information Studies and Media. As a specialized program, students can take this course if they are taking the BSc in Computer Science, BFA or BA in Studio Arts or any BA programs offered through the Department. This specialized program is jointly administered by College of Communication Arts and Sciences, College of Engineering and College of Arts & Letters.

4. Art Institute of Vancouver4. Art Institute of Vancouver

The Art Institute of Vancouver offers the game development in the various programs under the Media Arts – these are the Bachelor of Science in Game Programming, Diploma in Game Art and Design and Diploma and Visual and Game Programming. The Art Institute of Vancouver will harness the imagination and creativity of the students and then integrate it with the technical and principles about game development.

3. DigiPen Institute of Technology3. DigiPen Institute of Technology

In DigiPen Institute of Technology, students will have full time in studying and engaging in game development program, as the institution is entirely dedicated to game development and computer science. In the undergraduate level, there is the Bachelor of Science as well as Bachelor of Arts in Game Design. In the graduate level, they offer the Master of Science in Computer Science. There is also a minor in game design offered by DigiPen. Being a dedicated institution about computer and interactive technologies, students will definitely gain knowledge and experience in game development in this institution. DigiPen is one of the best game development schools in the country according to GamePro Media and Princeton Review.

2. University of Utah2. University of Utah

The University of Utah is ranked in the top 5 of Princeton Review and GamePro Media about universities/colleges offering the best game development program in the country. The game development program of the university is offered under the Entertainment Arts and Engineering. This program is administered by the School of Computing and the Department of Film and Media Arts. The EAE has two emphases and the Computer Science focus offers the game development program. In the graduate level, the university offers Master Games Studio (EAE – MGS). In the graduate level, students can choose from three tracks: Game Engineering, Game Arts and Game Production.

1. University of Southern California1. University of Southern California

The USC offers the game development program as a specialization/track under the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science specializing in games. Also, USC offers Master of Science in Computer Science with track in game development. There is also PhD program in Computer Science. The Computer Science program in USC with specialization in Game Development is ranked as the best in country according to the Princeton Review and GamePro Media.

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