Top 10 Easy Scholarships for College Students

Top 10 Easy Scholarships for College Students

Top 10 Easy Scholarships for College Students

Going to college can be overwhelming if you do not have enough money to see you through. This is why there are various scholarships for college students available to anyone who needs financial assistance. Most scholarships are granted to students who excel in academic or sports. How about the average students? Rest assured that there are various easy programs college students can apply for.

A scholarship program can be termed easy if it possesses one or more of the following attributes:

  • The competition is not much.
  • The work to be done is something easy and you enjoy doing
  • The application process is simple and short.

Below are some of the top 10 easy scholarships for college students that you can apply for:

Duct Tape Prom Date Scholarship  

This one is easy if you are creative. The company is serious in giving out scholarship opportunities for college students with this program. All you have to do is join their contest wherein you have to be creative in designing a prom dress made from duct tape. The best looking duct tape prom dress wins the scholarship fund.

Dr. Pepper Million Dollar Give Away

Since 2008, Dr Pepper has given away millions of dollars in college scholarships to students across the country. You can easily apply for this scholarship by sending in your one-of-a-kind story for a chance to be selected to compete and win up to $100,000 in college scholarships.

American Fire Sprinkler Association Scholarship Program

This scholarship for college is awarded to students not because of their academic achievement or need.  To apply, the student should read the “Fire Sprinkler Essay”. After which, he will have to take a 10-item multiple choice, open- book quiz. Each correct answer is equivalent to one entry for the drawing of 10 $2000 worth of scholarship money.

U.S. Bank Scholarship

Considered to be another easy scholarship students can apply for, the application for this program is through their website. You have to be a US citizen or a permanent resident alien and a senior student enrolled on or before September of the current year. All you have to do is visit their site and enter the basic information about yourself. The selection of the winners will be made at random. Forty winners will receive $1000 scholarship money.

  • Dunkin Donut aims to encourage students to work hard and desire a quality education. Each of the Dunkin’ Donuts franchisees will award $1,000 college scholarships to qualified high school seniors. This college Scholarship is given to selected high school seniors who has demonstrated good character, strong commitment to school and community activities, and positive academic record.

Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation (CKSF) Scholarships

This foundation has many easy programs for college students. You just need to register online and take their quizzes. If you come out to be the top in any of the quizzes, you will win yourself one of the scholarships for college students. It is easy as that. The scholarship amount ranges from $250 to $2,500. Parents can also participate and win college scholarships for their children.

  • TCI Scholarship Award
  • If you are exceptionally tall, you can apply for the Tall Club International Scholarship Award. Aside from the height qualification, you must be under 21 years of age and about to start college in the coming fall to qualify.

Zinch Weekly Scholarship Awards

Zinch has many easy scholarship programs for college students. One of their popular programs is the weekly scholarship award where they give out $1,000 scholarship money to qualified student each week. If interested, just fill out your basic information on their website, write a  short essay and submit it. Zinch will then choose the best and notify the winner by email.

The Unique Cappex Scholarships

The scholarship for college students is awarded to those considered to have the best profile on the site. To be qualified, all you have to do is register and come up with a great profile on their website.

Scholarship Zone Scholarship Program  

Considered another easy scholarship for college students, interested student has to register and create a profile on the Scholarship Zone website. His name will then be included in the scholarship draw.

With these easy scholarships and extra financial assistance, it is easier for students to handle the many expenses incurred while pursuing their higher education.

What easy scholarships for college students are you interested in applying?  




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