Top 10 GRE Prep Books to Pass the Exam with Flying Colors

Entering a graduate school in the US requires a certain examination, which tests a person’s analytical, writing and reasoning skills. This test, called the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), also measures all the skills that have been acquired through the years (with no relation to any specific kind of study.) The GRE is also taken by those graduate students in other countries with English related programs in business and the like. Passing the GRE is not as easy as it looks. Preparation is needed and review materials are essential. GRE prep books helps a lot in the passing rate. Like all other examinations, review materials make a huge difference.

10. GRE CAT Answers to Real Essay Questions

10 GRE CAT Answers to Real Essay Questions

Review materials are always updated yearly but this does not necessarily mean that books published the past year are already useless. The GRE CAT Answers to Real Essay Questions review mostly makes the person using it the point and the purpose of the questions to be given, not just giving direct answers. It has very precise explanations and detailed reasoning as to what the actual kind of test may be given.

9. Verbal Workout for the GRE

9 Verbal Workout for the GRE

There are books that teach examiners what probable questions may be given on the actual examination, but the Verbal Workout for GRE book makes the reviewers learn not only the possible answers but also the possible questions. It gives insight on the test makers’ perspective of making questionnaire as well as the ability to properly manage the time when reading through the test questions. Memorization is not enough in this kind of examination. What’s more important is being able to analyze the patters of the questions so that there will be a higher chance to answer it properly.

8. Barron’s Pass Key to the GRE Test

8 Barron’s Pass Key to the GRE Test

Barron’s review books have always given its users a lot of insights in taking the GRE. One of the best review materials is Pass Key to the GRE Test book. Compared to other review materials, this book is fairly cheap but loaded with tons of helpful materials that would certainly be useful in taking the GRE. This book has a word list that GRE takers claim to have very useful information because of its accuracy.

7. The Eastman School Of Music

7 The Eastman School Of Music

This set is one of the easiest to use and portable GRE review materials in the market. The reviewer includes flash cards and a study guide to teach examiners on helpful techniques and processes when taking the exam. This guide is also said to have in it frequently used words that appear on the actual test making this review material a goldmine of helpful tips and information.

6. Cracking the GRE

6 Cracking the GRE

Cracking the GRE is a one of a kind review book. It has a comprehensive understanding of the examination and is designed to prepare the examiners for the computerized option of the GRE. Another added bonus to this book is that buyers get an exclusive free pass to the online website of the book and take practice test that simulate the GRE itself. Considering the price of the book, all of the contents and things it offers seem fair and reasonable.

5. GRE: Practicing to Take the General Test

5 GRE Practicing to Take the General Test

Review books such as this are very popular among examinees especially those wanting to pass the exam on the first take. Among other reference and review material, this book is said to contain past questionnaires on the actual GRE examination, which might be used or referenced in current GRE’s. If it is true, this would certainly be an added bonus, considering that this book has all the necessary information on how to take the test as well as the twist and turns an examinee might encounter while taking the exam.

4. Essential Words for the GRE

4 Essential Words for the GRE

This review book is another one of Barron’s series of reviewers that would certainly help examiners to pass the GRE. This book, Essential Words for the GRE has hundreds of words with definitions that have a high possibility in appearing in the exam. It also included a series of trial examinations, more likely to be a simulation on how the GRE is supposed to be taken.

3. The Official Guide to the GRE Revised

3 The Official Guide to the GRE Revised

This book is the updated version of the Official Guide to the GRE, which includes discussions as well as questioners posted on actual examinations. The contents of this book are filled with very interesting topics in which was used on GRE’s all over the world. Like all other reviewers, it also includes sample questioners in order for the examinee to be more prepared when taking the exam.

2. Barron’s New GRE

2 Barron’s New GRE

For some this is one of the ultimate GRE reviewers available for test takers. It has an extensive overview of examination tactics so that everything while taking the exam is maximized, from time adjustment to reading and other examination guides. It also includes a sample test with keys included as well as detailed explanation so that there will be further understanding about the subject matter.

1. New GRE 2011-2012: Strategies, Practice, and Review

1 New GRE 2011-2012 Strategies, Practice, and Review

Kaplan is well known for the GRE reviewers tied to it but this must be the best not only among it works, but on all the review materials known in taking the GRE. In this edition, they included a DVD with over almost a thousand questions for review. It also contains five online tests that are sure to make a big difference in developing the test taking skills of those who are scheduled to take the GRE. Kaplan has also placed a lot of effort on breakthrough strategies that will surely raise your GRE rating.

Review materials help a lot in passing examinations such as the GRE. They give detailed instructions on how the exam should be taken and provide possible questions that might appear on the exam. Buying materials such as this is not a waste of money considering the fact that it might be the key in passing the GRE with flying colors.

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