Top 10 Hottest and Best Party Themes You Can Organize for an All Day and All Night Party

We all love to party especially if the best party themes are involved all night long of partying. Of course, the music as well as the foods and drinks play major roles in having a successful party. The people in the party also have great impact on how the party goes. It is best to party when you are being able to spend it with special or those whom you are comfortable spending the party with. It makes the party more extra special if the people present are those who are close to your heart. Meanwhile, it is also worth considering that party themes can be a huge factor on the success of a party.

These themes add more thrill and excitement to the party. This provides the edge factor why people will always look forward to going to your party. Most of these party themes are being coupled with costume glamour among the guests. As the host, you will surely feel elated if all of your guests cooperate with the theme and costume that the party entails. If you are having a hard time to decide what kind of party theme you want to throw the next time around, do not worry. The following are some of the hottest party themes that will surely be remembered by your guests all throughout of their party lives:

10. Superheroes10. Superheroes

Superheroes party theme is both for the children and children at heart. This is one of the party themes that never stop to be the favorite of many. Who wouldn’t? All of us go through the stage where we love and follow our favorite superheroes in TV and cinemas. Plus, almost all people in the world are familiar with these superheroes such as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Hulk, and many more. It will be a blast if your party is being crowded with these superheroes.

9. Garden and Fairy Party Theme9. Garden and Fairy Party Theme

Garden and fairy party theme looks cute. This is ideal for little girls and those ladies having their 18th debut birthday. Aside from the enchanted look of the venue, you can add-up little cute give-aways such as small pouches of goodies or, perhaps, small bouquets. Of course, the celebrant of the event should also dress like a fairy. Guests can also do the same in order to fully celebrate the fairy-themed party. Foods should also include pastel-coloured pastries and a cake filled with colourful frosting.

8. Awards Night Party Theme8. Awards Night Party Theme

This kind of party theme is ideal for company parties. It can be a Christmas Party of company anniversary. Of course, guests should wear their best formal attire. Men can have their coat-and-tie while ladies can have their long gowns. The venue can be that of an International Awards Night opening where there is a red carpet, spotlight and photographers. Since it is an Awards Night Party Theme, there should be a program wherein guests are being awarded with certain recognitions such as Star of the Night, Best Couple, etc. After the program, a night of partying with great music will follow.

7. 80s Rock-n-Roll Party7. 80s Rock-n-Roll Party

Who does not love the 80s? It is the age of the legendary rock bands which, until now, are still very famous. Hence, it is not surprising if there are some individuals who love to party with a 80s Rock-n-Roll Theme. With this, you can expect grudge-looking make-up and punk rock hairstyles of the guests. Rock bands playing 80s music should also be present. Beer should not be absent since rock music is always being associated with beer. Finger foods such as chips, popcorn, tortillas and pizzas can best complement beer drinks. You can put up posters of famous rock bands of the 80s at the party venue.

6. Movie Party Theme6. Movie Party Theme

This is the kind of party theme that is being loved much by the movie buffs. You do not have to wear glamorous gowns and suits. You can just even wear your casual clothes, just like going to movie theatres. You can have your entertainment room for the party or even convert your garden into an outdoor movie theatre. You can have a widescreen at the party venue so that guests can really feel like they are inside the movie house. You can have popcorn and other finger foods with soda to go with the movie party theme.

5. Casino Party Theme5. Casino Party Theme

Card Shark – Casino Party Ideas

This is another exciting party theme to organize. The Casino party theme is surrounded with colors of red, black and white – these are the usual colors of the playing cards. You can hang playing cards at the party venue, as if it accentuates the ceilings and walls. Of course, there is the playing table where guests can take turns in playing blackjack and the likes. Guests can wear their best Casino attires. Dining table can be decorated with small Casino stuffs such as playing dice or miniature playing cards. You can have cabaret instrumental music in the background to further set the mood.

4. Cruise Party4. Cruise Party

If you have a bigger budget to throw a party, then a Cruise-themed party is possible. If you do not have yacht, then you can tap yacht owners who can rent their vessels for parties. This is ideal for “bon voyage” parties or those celebrating anniversaries or promotion at work. Obviously, this is something that cannot fit for children’s party. A cruise party theme is basically for parties where most of the guests are adults. You can have a live acoustic band that can provide great music during the party. Cocktail foods with lots of wine are ideal for this kind of party. Guests can wear their semi-formal attires while give-aways can be designed in such a way that it represents a ship, beach, sea or travel.

3. Pool Party3. Pool Party

Holiday Pool Party

This is probably one of the most famous party themes among college students. Aside from the fact that pool parties are easy to organize, it is also being enjoyed by many teenagers. They love to swim, wear their swimming attires, jumping to the pool and the likes. These are the things that you usually see in teenage/college films. This is ideal for college acquaintance parties, birthday parties and even children’s party. What is very important is that you should assign someone (or maybe a lifeguard) who can carefully watch those who are swimming in order to avoid freak accidents at the pool.

2. Military Themed Party2. Military Themed Party

Everybody loves this kind of party theme because of its sort of outdoor feel. In a military themed party, you should expect lots of green and camouflage colors. Also, there will be lots of games, most of which are relay games that will test group dynamics and camaraderie. This is military brotherhood, anyway. Foods can also be simple with nothing much of decorations and extravagant foods. In fact, a boodle-fight kind of eating can best complement this kind of party theme.

1. Fund Raising1. Fund Raising

There is nothing as fulfilling and humbling than to organize a party for fund raising purposes. In this way, there is really a purpose why the party is being staged and why guests should grace the event. You can put photos or picture at the party venue site wherein the beneficiaries of the fund-raising party are being shown. In the party, guests can further signify their support to the fund raising through donations, whether cash or in goods.

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