Top 10 Medical Technology Schools with the Best Track Record

People engaging in medical technology will be studying integrated medical principles, practices and laboratory researches. The National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences or the NAACLS governs the classes and accreditation for institutions offering this degree. The students graduating from the medical technology program can have abundant career opportunities mostly in the field of health care, researches and pharmaceutical industry. It is critical to attend to accredited medical technology schools to practice the degree.

Being a medical technologist entails practicing and conducting laboratory tests. They must be able to do complex analyses. They will be held accountable for the outcome of the results from these laboratory tests. The medical technologist plays an integral role in a team of health care management. They are routinely working with the other health care professionals in the development and implementation of the policies for health care. Medical technologists are also called clinical laboratory scientist in the US. There are credentialing and licensing for medical technologists. If they pass the examinations and meet the minimum requirements, they can attach the MLS, CLS or MT credential in their names.

10. St. John Providence Health System School of Medical Technology10. St. John Providence Health System School of Medical Technology

The St. John Providence Health System School of Medical Technology offers innovative clinical program curriculum emphasizing developing right critical thinking, self-governing judgment and problem solving abilities. As a student, your education will involve actual and practical clinical specimens, widespread case studies using the latest laboratory technology together with comprehensive curriculum.

9. Rochester General Hospital School of Medical Technology9. Rochester General Hospital School of Medical Technology

The Rochester General Hospital through its School of Medical Technology offers competitive medical technology program. The facilities of the classroom are used extensively for studying Clinical Laboratory Science. Instructors utilize updated lecture series and have practicum in the curriculum. The program is highly competitive and very limited in which only 24 students are accepted per academic year.

8. School of Medical Technology of Tampa General Hospital8. School of Medical Technology of Tampa General Hospital

The School of Medical Technology of Tampa General Hospital is under the helm of the Department of Pathology of the institution. The school is accredited in accordance to the guidelines of NAACLS and in addition to that, the State of Florida provided the licensed for the training programs. The facilities being used for medical technology program include audiovisual equipment, didactic materials as well as the study guides for the certification. There is a clinical laboratory for students in which high-end equipment are utilized. The students taking the degree in School of Medical Technology of Tampa General Hospital are exposed to the updated methodologies and the experts in this field will mentor them to the full extent.

7. Ferris State University7. Ferris State University

The medical technology degree program from the Ferris State University integrates the classroom instruction with the latest laboratory practices. The university provides internships in their partner hospitals all over the Michigan because this will prepare the students to handle and properly perform variety of clinical laboratory tests. The NAACLS fully accredits the medical technology degree program of the Ferris State University.

6. Argosy University6. Argosy University

The Argosy University has Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Medical Technology program intended to students who have finished their associate’s degree in the field of Medical Laboratory Technology. This undergraduate degree will assist the students to become successful medical technologists. In addition to that, the program will prepare the students through comprehensive coursework that will enable them to acquire the necessary skills, knowledge and competencies in the corporate world.

5. Upstate Medical University – SUNY5. Upstate Medical University – SUNY

The Upstate Medical University of State University of NY (SUNY) is offering the Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in medical technology. Every academic year, the university admits 20 students and hence, the admission in this university is highly competitive. The university will assist the students to acquire the necessary eligibility requirements to take the New York State licensure for becoming Clinical Laboratory Technologist. Aside from BSc, the university also offers the Master of Science (MSc) degree program in which students can take advanced studies and training in fields such as hematology, chemistry or microbiology.

4. Louisiana Tech University4. Louisiana Tech University

The Louisiana Tech offers degree program in medical technology and students will take three years of pre-professional curriculum. The fourth years will be done in one of the several affiliations of the Louisiana Tech University, which are the hospitals and clinics. The admission for the program is highly competitive. The students who will finish the degree program will acquire the necessary educational requirement to take the national credentialing exam for Medical Technologist.

3. University of North Dakota3. University of North Dakota

The University of North Dakota is among the best medical technology schools offering certificate, BSc and MSc degree in this field. The Clinical Laboratory Science program is offered in the Department of Pathology under the School of Medicine and Health Science. The university is supporting 11 research centers and they have this LEND program, which is online, comply with the ASCLS for the continuing education of medical technologists/clinical laboratory professionals.

2. Ohio State University2. Ohio State University

The Ohio State University (OSU) Hospital is one of the nationally and highly ranked schools in the country in terms of allied health. The medical technology program is offered under the School of Allied Health Professions of the College of Medicine. The undergraduate program can take the medical technology program in the Allied Medical Professions track and this will take four years to complete. The medical technology courses will be taken in five quarters plus ten weeks of clinical internship. OSU also offers master’s degree.

1. University of Washington1. University of Washington

The University of Washington is ranked number one in the primary health care and sixth overall in clinical research in 2010. The University of Washington is offering its Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Medical Technology in its medical school. The program will take four years to complete. The program will start in the pre-professional stage consisting of necessary and general education classes. After completion of the prerequisites, the students can now participate to the professional stage in which practical experiences will be taught in one of the 14 clinical laboratories affiliated to the university.

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