Top 10 Mortician Schools In The US Today

Top 10 Mortician Schools in the US Today

Top 10 Mortician Schools in the US Today

There is a promising career that awaits people who are interested in the mortuary business. Being a mortician is also a gratifying job for people who want to assist the aggrieved. The road map for being a mortician is relatively simple but it takes time. First, you have to earn a mortuary education degree from an accredited mortician school. Secondly, you have to go through an internship before you are eligible for a licensure and formal practice.

Here are the top 10 mortician schools in the US today based on program size:

10. John Tyler Community College (Virginia) is a two-year public mortician school where you can learn all the basics of the mortuary business. It is the fifth largest community college in Virginia and adds a good reputation in the Richmond community by offering more than 60 in-demand careers and technical mortuary programs.

9. The Cypress College – Mortuary Science Department (Cypress, California) is one of the few schools that does not only offer the basic training in mortuary operations, but also offer financial assistance to its students. The Financial Aid Office can easily be contacted via phone or email by anyone who wants to enroll in Cypress college but needs financial support.

8. Jefferson State Community College – Funeral Service Education Program. (Birmingham, Alabama ) With only $5,974, you can already enroll in a mortuary training program in this community college. The Associate of Applied Science in the Funeral Service Education program at this college is accredited by the American Board of Funeral Service Education.  

7. Mid-America College of Funeral Service (Jeffersonville, Indiana) aims to provide a modern non-profit education for mortician students. This mortician school highlights the importance of a funeral service in preserving human dignity. This simply means it recognizes the importance of a proper funeral parlor in delivering public health, safety and welfare for both the living and human remains.

6. Commonwealth Institute of Funeral Service (Houston, Texas)  is also a good option for students who want to learn more about Funeral Directing, especially the skills and techniques needed for employment. The Commonwealth Institute is an excellent choice because the school is affiliated with the International Cemetery and Funeral Association and Funeral Ethics Association and other communities that provide better job opportunities

5. Fayetteville Technical Community College – Funeral Service Education Department (Fayetteville, North Carolina) is also another choice for students to learn the mortuary system from an institution that’s been around since 1974. The school also offers financial aid, and a bookstore to buy cheaper mortuary books from. It is also very known for producing graduates with an attractive passing rate record.

4. American Academy McAllister Institute of Funeral Service (New York, NY ) promises only high-quality, practically accessible, and valuable selective mortuary education for everyone. This school is perfect for students who just want to learn the specific skills they need for their chosen path in funeral service. The AAMI’s Campus Program is also considered the 5th oldest funeral service program in the United States.

3. Dallas Institute of Funeral Service (Dallas, Texas) is not only a mortician school, but a stepping stone towards getting a top notch college education. It is the vision of this college to let everyone have the opportunity to invest in a significantly stable future through a solid college education. You can easily contact the financial aid department on their website to inquire how you can avail of such assistance.

2. Worsham College of Mortuary Science (Wheeling, Illinois) is the second best option to get a mortuary degree because it does not only teach people how to be a competent mortician, it also offers different kinds of financial assistance to its students.

1. Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science (Cincinnati, Ohio) is ranked 1st among all the mortuary schools because of its most comprehensive training. Students can complete the Associate of Applied Science Degree in 12 months or the Bachelor of Mortuary Science Degree in 15 months (with prior college transfer credits) from CCMS. The college also reassures its students that it has consistently produced graduates that show high marketability and impressive exam performance.


Top-earning morticians today makes an average of $92,000 a year making it one of the most lucrative career in the market today. With this list, have you decided which mortician schools are you interested in?





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