Top 10 Most Awesome Colleges with Sports Management Programs Today

Sports in the United States alone are a $30 billion industry every year. It is no wonder that many individuals are looking to cash in on it even if they are not the athletes themselves. There are many facets involving sports, notably sports management and the business side of it. If you are looking to have a career in one, you need to get to a good university who offers programs that will suit your needs. Below are some of the top colleges with sports management courses in the country.

10. Bowling Green State University10. Bowling Green State University

Located in Ohio, the university is known to have one of the largest, if not the most vast sports management programs in the whole country. In addition to that, they have earned a reputation in creating successful graduates in the field of sports management. They offer three bachelor’s degrees: sports marketing, sports communication and sport eneterprise.

9. Ohio University9. Ohio University

This university has a sports management program that deals with the business aspect of the sports itself. They cover even amateur sports and even recreational ones. Ohio University has a Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in sports management and a minor in business. This is a great college to attend if you are serious about a career in sports.

8. University of Oregon8. University of Oregon

In the Charles H. Lunquist School of Business, this university offers a master’s in sports business that has been highly praised by the Wall Street Journal. The program covers everything, from the business aspect of managing a team and even strategies as well as marketing. The university also offers internships with professional teams to have them gain experience before graduation.

7. Columbia University7. Columbia University

A prestigious college located in New York, this university offers a master’s in sports management. Although it is not a full-time course, the program covers all the aspects related to sports management which includes law, marketing, finance and even management of the facilities. Columbia boasts of a comprehensive education which guarantees a high success rate after graduation.

6. Indiana University6. Indiana University

This is quite a prestigious college for sports management, as Indiana University only accepts 60 applicants for the program each year. What they have for the program is a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology that majors in sports management. The greatest selling point in this university is that there are plenty of opportunities after graduation as the state are home to many pro sports companies.

5. University of Tampa5. University of Tampa

Located in Bay Area Florida, this university offers a very comprehensive program in sports management that covers a lot of facets in course which includes media relations, management, finance as well as economics. There will also be an internship for a sports company for students to gain experience.

4. Franklin Pierce University4. Franklin Pierce University

The amount of focus that the sports management program that this university offers its students is quite remarkable. Besides requiring each one to have an internship with local sports companies, Franklin Pierce ensures that each student develops exceptional communication skills which are essential in the field of sports management. This university is located in Manchester, New Hampshire.

3. Endicott College3. Endicott College

What started out as an exclusive college for women in the 1930s is now one of the leading colleges that offer a Bachelor of Science in Sports Management. Endicott College not only covers the business aspect of sports, but also the psychology and philosophy behind it.

2. Ithaca College2. Ithaca College

This college has a great relationship with various organizations and professional sports teams, which make it very beneficial for their students who require internships. Ithaca College offers its students an opportunity to acquire a Bachelor of Science in Sports Management degree, with additional courses as a minor.

1. George Washington University1. George Washington University

Located in the heart of D.C, George Washington University gives its students a chance to earn an MBA in Sports Management. The great thing about this university is that they will allow you to choose different types of formats to adjust to your schedule. This means that you can take this course even if you are a part-time, working student. Plus, they also help out with internships in various sporting events in the city.

Choosing good colleges with sports management programs is essential in ensuring that you have a bright future ahead if you have plans of having a career in sports. Those mentioned on this list have exceptional programs that will truly be rewarding once you graduate.

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