Top 10 Most Feasible Business Ideas for College Students to Earn Extra Income

A lot of people these days, even while they are still in college are already able to think of ways to earn their own money. This has become a very common trend especially since a lot of people would like to be able to save for their future very early on in their lives. If you too are thinking of engaging in the same thing and you happen to be in search for business ideas for college students like you, worry no more because there are just too many feasible options for you right now.

10. Pastry Business10 Pastry Business

A lot of college students have the passion for baking so why not transform this passion and turn into an actual source of income? Of course, opening your own pastry business might mean spending a lot of your savings on capital so what you can do instead is to open a small shop or just go for a “by order” kind of system. In the beginning, make sure that you test a number of different recipes and ask opinion and help from your friends. Once you’ve completed this stage, start giving away flyers with information on the different types of pastries you can bake and wait for people to order from you.

9. Milk Tea or Beverage Business9 Milk Tea or Beverage Business

Another great concept for business while you’re still in college is a milk tea or beverage type of business. Since a lot of people would like to try out different types of drinks every now and then, it would be your job to provide them with as many options as possible. However, this kind of business also means that you need to put up your own stall. In the beginning, do this somewhere in your garage so you don’t have to get an actual permit and if people like the idea, make sure to open your own beverage stand somewhere feasible.

8. Cafeteria or Small Restaurant8 Cafeteria or Small Restaurant

If you are really passionate about opening your restaurant and you have the right amount of money to support this kind of desire, make sure to do it now. In the beginning, you might want to ask for some capital from your parents but make sure that your business plan is well-thought of so you can pay back the money in a year or two. Also, you need to add an extra oomph to your restaurant and make sure that it’s totally different from all the other restaurants out there. This is the only way for you to generate steady money at all times.

7. Writing Opportunities7 Writing Opportunities

If you are really good at writing, then it might be a really great idea for you to open your own writing business. You can ask some of your friends who are also into writing to work with you. You can find a lot of clients online so this shouldn’t be a problem. What’s more, you will also be able to have a steady source of income because a lot of businesses now have their own websites and all of them really need attractive and well-written content.

6. Translation Business6 Translation Business

If you are really great with languages or is at least knowledgeable with a few languages that are in demand at the moment, then it might also be a great idea for you to start your own Translation Business. Even without hiring someone to work for you yet, you can definitely find a lot of great opportunities with this one. What’s more, you will also be able to learn as much along the way and eventually you can grow your business like you’ve never thought possible.

5. Teaching and Tutorial Business5 Teaching and Tutorial Business

If a lot of your teachers, family members and friends have been commending you for your brains, then might as well put it to more good use. If you have a lot of free time because your schedule is quite flexible, make sure to consider a teaching and tutorial type of business. This is a great idea for college students like you because you have access to a number of other students who might be in need of this kind of service. All you have to do now is check the rates and make sure that yours is as competitive as possible.

4. Arts & Crafts Business4 Arts & Crafts Business

If you are great with creating various types of arts & crafts, make sure that you consider starting up a small business out of it. You can start by creating stationary and birthday card designs for your friends and eventually get into creating a number of accessories for them. This will definitely be a great idea for you to say the least because most people are looking for something new at all times.

3. Book Retailer3 Book Retailer

If you are a book lover and have previously purchased a number of books that you have finished reading, it might be the best time for you to sell them now. That is of course if you do not have any sentimental or emotional attachment to your books because it seems that a lot of people experience this.

2. Transcription Business2 Transcription Business

There are a number of online companies and businesses out there that are currently looking for transcriptionists. If you have very good hearing and if you have a very keen eye for detail then this is also another great business idea you might want to get into. This can of course help you earn extra because the job appears to be continuous.

1. Food Carts1 Food Carts

Another great idea for business that wouldn’t require a very huge capital is opening your own food cart. Since this is a mobile venture, you can also get invited to a number of concerts and other events that your friends and neighborhood might be organizing. This way, you will be able to earn a huge amount of money without necessarily spending too much in terms of your capital.

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