Top 10 Places to Look for an Exciting and Promising Cultural Anthropology

Engaging in cultural anthropology careers is fulfilling for students who enjoy and have interest in studying the art, customs, language and traditions of different societies (can be in the past and in present). Most of the job opportunities for cultural anthropology graduates need some higher form of education or graduate studies like that of a master’s or doctoral degree.
The cultural or sociocultural anthropologists work in studying the behavior of humans in historical and contemporary civilizations in order to know how humans developed through time. Some of their studies involved formation of civilizations, existence of customs or the difference of cultures. Cultural anthropologists are characteristically specializing and focusing about a particular component of a culture – this can be ceremonial dancing, marriage rituals and many more. Art, music, language and traditions are some of the things they study as well as the evolution, habitation and social relationships of these cultures. Part of the work of cultural anthropologists is to do field work that may involve traveling to different places just to obtain data or information. The scientific means of experimenting is applied in which the data gathered are used in the formulation of hypotheses. Cultural anthropologists must write down their findings in detailed reports. They can be employed in learning institutions like universities, museums as well as in private entities like in businesses, penitentiaries and hospitals.

10. Your college/university where you completed your undergraduate study10. Your college-university where you completed your undergraduate study

Your first option for getting a cultural anthropology career is by looking at the bulletin boards or website of the anthropology department of your college or university. This is a typical posting in colleges/universities with anthropology major. Some of the cultural anthropology careers being offered in the academic circles are teaching positions and researchers. Most of the time, it is necessary to engage in graduate studies to enhance the cultural anthropology background and as well for advancement of career. Colleges/universities typically sponsors job fairs and post job openings, whether for the academe itself or for private entities.

9. The university where you will take your graduate study9. The university where you will take your graduate study

Taking master’s degree or better, a doctoral degree in cultural anthropology is recommended. After your graduation, you can take graduate studies in your college/university or try other universities with better graduate programs for cultural anthropology. Part of taking graduate study is you work as Teaching Assistant or Research Assistant. From there, you can work your way up. You can try being absorbed by the university for the associate professor career after completing the doctoral degree or engage full-time in researching in which you are the leader this time.

8. Federal agencies8. Federal agencies

There are increasing demands for cultural anthropology careers in the federal government. In summary, there are five federal agencies that extensively need and used cultural anthropology in their work and these are the U.S. Census Bureau, National Marine Fisheries Service (or the NMFS), National Park Service (or the NPS) USAID and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (or the CDC). You can contact these agencies for job openings or communicate with your college/department about job opening from the federal agencies.

7. simplyhired.com7. simplyhired

If job hunting is what you need and you want to find one conveniently, you can use the Internet. There are several website offering a free job hunting tool such as Here, you simply input the job title like cultural anthropologists or your preferred location. As a job search engine, you will find the complete details of the job. You can even apply directly using the link provided here. Job description, the company or institution and the application information are given in details.

6. indeed.com6. indeed


Another job search engine that you can use in your job hunting is It has thousands of job postings complete with details and the application process. The website is simply an indirect source for job opportunities and most of the time you will redirected to the host institution needing the employment. The interface of the website is easy and simple to use and you can search for free.

5. Academic Jobs Wiki5. Academic Jobs Wiki

Another great resource for finding academic related job in cultural anthropology is by trying the You can go directly to for the updated listings of academic jobs needing cultural anthropologists. The website provides the direct link for the detailed application to the job, but it gives complete summary about the job vacancies.

4. chronicle.com4.

If you prefer to be employed in higher education institution, use It has huge number of job postings for all colleges/universities. One thing that you should have is to have graduate degree, whether it is master’s or doctoral for more employers in this field of work prefer to employ that kind of person. The interface of the website is like that of a newspaper, but it is easy to search for a job. You can choose to be in the faculty/research, to be in administrative or executive positions. They also offer job postings from institutions other than the colleges/universities.

3. Museum Employment Resource Center3. Museum Employment Resource Center

Some of areas of specialization for cultural anthropologists are to work in museums. If you prefer to work in museums, you can search for cultural anthropology careers at It is easy to navigate in this website as the job vacancies are listed to the most recent and those that are still open. You can try your chances here.

2. Anthrojob.com2.


The website is specifically created to help all anthropology majors, undergraduate and graduate students or professionals in finding research works all over the world. This is great for those seeking field and research works. All researches are funded. However, before you can search here, you have to sign up and register an account. The job openings listed in their databases are open to all cultural anthropologists in both entry and advance levels.

1. American Anthropological Association (AAA)1. American Anthropological Association (AAA

The American Anthropological Association (AAA) is helping their members in finding careers and researches with their career center – Hence, you must be a member of AAA and registered in their website before you can use their search tool in looking for a job vacancy. Creating a profile in AAA is pretty simple and once you created an account and uploaded your resume, you can search for thousands of cultural anthropology careers within their databases.

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