Top 10 Sites that Offer Free Online Career Aptitude Tests to Determine What Career is Right for Me

Asking yourself “what career is right for me” is probably one of the most important, and at the same time, one of the hardest questions you’ll ever ask in your lifetime. Finding the right career depends on so many factors. It involves knowing which set of specific skills, talents, and abilities, you’d want to utilize and develop. It is also dependent on personal interests, characteristics, goals, and values. Knowing your individual strengths and weaknesses also helps a lot in weeding out which types of work you can and can’t do. If you’re still at a loss, take a career aptitude test from our list of top ten free online career aptitude tests. It just might give you the clarity you need.



This site offers a fast, free, and fun career test. They claim that it only takes 3 minutes to answer their test composed of “yes” or “no” questions. It might even take you less. What’s great about this is that you’ll get results in seconds. It’s a short list of careers that match your personality based on your answers.



This site’s Career Aptitude Test is divided into four sections: skills, interests, style, and values. What’s great about this is that your answers are analyzed in a few seconds and you will get a list of career types very closely related to your answers. Click on a career type to get more information about it like job description, skills needed, expected tasks, and estimated annual average salary.



Their personality test requires you to answer the questions accurately based on how you would normally act, feel, and think on a given situation. This is important so you can get more accurate results. In the results page, your dominant traits are broken down into percentage. This includes introversion or extroversion, emotional stability, orderliness, altruism, and inquisitiveness.



This site has two career tests you can try out. The Career Planner Quiz is based on the Personality type model and makes you choose the statement, which describes you or appeals to you the most. The Job Discovery Wizard helps you match your knowledge and skills to specific jobs. When taking this test, it’d be helpful if you already know what you’re good at, what specific skills you possess, and which disciplines you excel in like English Language, Psychology, or Accounting.



Their free career test hones in on your interests, strengths, dominant character traits, and your attitude towards work to determine what types of jobs are best suited to your personality. The test consists of 36 questions in which you’ll choose the statement that best describes you.


The Best Job Selector app in this site is one of the quickest career aptitude tests you can find online. You only have 15 short questions to answer. For every number, click on your personal preference and rate according to how you prioritize it: high, medium, or low. The 200 jobs that appear in the results page are ranked according to percentage. Number 1 will be the highest percentage most closely related to your selections. The job titles were evaluated by CNN/Money magazine and appear in their article entitled “Best Jobs in America”. To help you decide, it’s best to go with your Top 5 results.



The Careers Test from the BBC website is composed of questions that help you determine what kind of work can give you satisfaction or what you expect to get out of a job. It is based on the Career choice model by John Holland, which proposes that individuals with particular interests and styles tend to favor specific types of jobs. The questions revolve around an imagined setting in which you, the test taker, are a newly-hired employee at a fictional organization. Each question describes a specific situation or work you need to accomplish for the organization. All you have to do is to choose which statement or which specific tasks you’d be more interested in doing. According to Holland, there are six personality types: artistic, conventional, enterprising, investigative, realistic, and social. In your results page, you’ll see two types. The first is the type you most fit in and jobs that fit into that type. The second is the type, which suits your interest the least. Brief descriptions follow each type.



This bases their test on the widely used Personality Type model by foremost expert on the topic, Paul D. Tieger. Tieger is the author of the best-selling career guide, “Do What You Are”. What’s great about this test is that you only need to answer 4 questions to determine your personality type. If you are unsure of what to answer, select “Not Very Confident”, and further information would pop up to help you choose the option that best fits your personality. By determining your personality type, you can focus on finding specific jobs that fit into your type.



This site also bases their career test on the Personality type model. In the results page, you will see a percentage breakdown of your personality type. What’s great about this is that you get an idea of how much an introvert or extrovert you are, how much you rely on your senses or intuition, if you’re more of a feeler or a thinker, etc. Aside from a description of your personality type, you’ll also see a list of career traits relevant to your personality type, including possible career paths or ideal jobs.



This site’s career test is based on a unique research and uses an advanced methodology to match your answers with 112 potential careers. What’s great about this is that it focuses on matching your personality and preferences with jobs that you might find enjoyable. You’ll get a 7-page online report, a printable summary of your leadership style and personality analysis, plus a personal video all for free.

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