Top 10 Software Engineering Schools to Get the Best Training

The field of computer science or software engineering has been created to educate interested students about utilization of software engineering principles for technological advancement. Professionals working in this field are mainly involved in the creation and development of software using the specifications of the company where they work. In this degree, students must have or must develop problem-solving abilities together with analytical skills. Software engineers are thriving in various fields and industries like aerospace, defense, automotive and manufacturing. There are lots of software engineering schools today, but it is great to be admitted with the best in the country.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics believes that the software engineers have good job outlook in the future, as the demand will increase rapidly every year. Why? It is for the simple reasons that technology advances rapidly and most industries must keep up with it in order to compete healthily. Students interested in taking the software engineering program must know particular educational requirements before practicing the profession. A bachelor’s degree is necessary for entry-level job, while taking master’s degree can propel them in taking higher-level of management positions.

10. University of Washington10. University of Washington

In the recent (2012) rankings of the best universities in the world, the University of Washington ranked 18th in terms of the best universities offering computer science program in which software engineering belongs. The UW offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in computer science and they provide their students with multidisciplinary coursework in both areas of computer science and engineering. The UW computer science program is housed under the Paul G. Allen Center for CSE in which students have the facilities to engage in this field.

9. Columbia University

9. Columbia University

The Columbia University is ranked 16th in the world for the best university offering computer science/software engineering in 2012. The University offers BS, BA, MS and PhD in this field. The integrated curriculum being offered consists of theoretical computer science, programming languages, artificial intelligence, computational complexity, algorithm analysis and many more. The program gives students one of a kind opportunity in their development of in-depth knowledge and leading edge computer science disciplines like the software engineering. Students will have hands-on and classroom learning experience in this university.

8. Cornell University

8. Cornell University

The Cornell University is ranked 14th for the best software engineering schools in the entire world in 2012. The computer science program at Cornell is rigorous and broad; however, it was structured to provide support to in-depth study of the areas outside. Cornell offers undergraduate and graduate degree for their computer science program with BS in the undergraduate and M. Eng. and PhD in the graduate degrees. Graduates of this program are venturing in the various industries in the world like the Internet systems, biotechnology, business management and medicine.

7. University of California, Los Angeles

7. University of California Los Angeles

The UCLA is ranked 12th as the best university offering computer science program in the whole world in 2012. UCLA’s computer science programs are created to house students who desire to have professional groundwork in the software engineering/computer science but do not certainly have a solid attention in the computer systems or hardware. In the curriculum, the students will study software engineering, programming languages, computer architecture, data structures, operating systems, computer networks, artificial intelligence and many more. UCLA is offering the computer science program in both undergraduate and graduate study.

6. Princeton University6. Princeton University

The Princeton University is ranked 10th this 2012 as the best university offering computer science program. The Princeton University is one of the frontrunners in the field of computer science as some of the great names in the development of computers started here (e.g. Jon von Neumann). The university is offering both graduate and undergraduate programs in computer science. The Department of Computer Science here has strong points in graphics/media, systems, computer architecture, networking, computational science, programming languages, computational biology and artificial intelligence.

5. Harvard University5. Harvard University

For the 2012 rankings of the best universities in the world, Harvard University is expected to be in the top and in fact, they are 5th when it comes to the computer science program. The university offers degree programs in both undergraduate and graduate level. The computer science program is under the Harvard University’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. The department is working and even researching about interesting and groundbreaking topics like VLSI, secure cryptography and sensor nets implementation.

4. University of California, Berkeley4. University of California, Berkeley

The UCB or Cal is another UC system that is ranked highly in the 2012 best universities in the entire world. Its computer science programs are ranked 4th all over the world. The computer science program of Cal is under the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences and is offered to both undergraduate and graduate students. The program is combination of instructional and research curriculum with strength in the interdisciplinary approach in using technology for the real world.

3. Carnegie Mellon University3. Carnegie Mellon University

The CMU is the 3rd best university to offer computer science in the nation as well as the 3rd best all over the world. The software engineering program in CMU is a specialized one. However, the general computer science/software engineering curriculum is embedded to the CMU’s Institute for Software Research. The undergraduate is typically a minor in software engineering, but the graduate programs, both master’s and doctoral, tackles in-depth about software engineering.

2. Stanford University2. Stanford University

The 2nd best of the software engineering schools or computer science program in the country and in the entire world is the Stanford University. The program is under the Stanford Computer Science Department that is under the School of Engineering and is providing in-depth education and research in this field since 1965. The department offers majors in both undergraduate and graduate level. The department has interdisciplinary studies in various programs and its curriculum is recognized as the center for education and research in both levels.

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The MIT is the best university to get your degree in computer science or software engineering. The university is ranked 1st in the nation and in entire world in the field of computer science. The computer science program of MIT is under the School of Engineering’s Electrical Engineering and Computer Science department. The MIT’s goal is to impart to student to approach existing and new problems using technical orientation in developing solutions.

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