Top 10 Sports Journalism Colleges Offering the Best Programs Sportsmen Dream of

The industry of sport business is known to be one of the biggest and fastest growing fields today in the country in which billions of dollars are generated annually. Sports Journalism is still pretty new. In fact, the number of colleges/universities offering this course is just growing. Students enrolled in sports journalism colleges will be focusing mainly on print, broadcasting or even multimedia reporting. In a deeper elaboration, the sports journalism course is a form of writing in which an individual reports about various topics in sports.

Sport journalism provides an avenue for individuals with interest in sports to discuss major sports media topics and issues in these days through various forms of media. They have to engage with prominent professional journalists, professional and amateur athletes and other related sports personnel like coaches.

10. Morehouse College10. Morehouse College

The sports journalism program in Morehouse College focuses on sports reporting. The program is designed to provide students a critical point of view about wide array of issues related to athletics and journalism. Students will be engaging in classroom instruction plus practical exposure to professional reporters, athletes and coaches. Currently, this program is offered as a concentration (needing 15 hours of credit hours) inside the English department, and later on, will be expanding as a minor in journalism classes.

9. Springfield College9. Springfield College

The Springfield College offers major in Sports Journalism that is created to teach interested students in the area of journalism media like TV, print, radio and online in order for them to have career opportunities in media as well as in preparation of pursuing graduate studies in the field of communications. This major is interdisciplinary, meaning you can take courses of interests for you to attain broad cultural context on sports journalism. Field experiences, practical internships and field exposure to the professional journalists are part of the program.

8. West Virginia University8. West Virginia University

The sports journalism course in West Virginia University is offered under the sport communication minor program. The program is designed to prepare interested students for career opportunities in the field of sports communication/journalism. Students will gain the necessary practical skills in the areas of public relations, strategic communications and media writing. Students will also gain understanding about the issues inside professional and college sports today. Part of the program is to take 9 of the 18 hours in courses offered through the School of Journalism and the remaining at the College of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences.

7. Marshall University7. Marshall University

The sports journalism program in Marshall University is new that started in 2010 and is under the School of Journalism and Mass Communication. The Sports Journalism will prepare students in news writing with emphasis about the reporting methodologies in the field of sporting. The students can major in print sports reporting, public relations and broadcast sports reporting. Practical experience includes calling live games through the WMUL FM, the university’s on-campus radio station. Students will also learn the right way of writing and photographing events for the Parthenon, the university’s newspaper, and in filing sports stories for their online coverage.

6. Oklahoma State University6. Oklahoma State University

The sports journalism program is offered through the School of Media and Strategic Communications of the Oklahoma State University. Since the university is one of the popular in collegiate sports in the country, students in this field will have the opportunity to engage in hands-on experiences as they work with the professionals from FOX Sports and ESPN. Courses in play-by-play announcing, field production and sports writing are integral in the program.

5. University of Maryland, College Park5. University of Maryland, College Park

The University of Maryland, College Park has a research center in sports journalism – the Shirley Povich Center for Sports Journalism. This center is created to prepare students in the field of sports journalism by educating them with wide array of courses about sports reporting as well as in the common point of sports and culture. Students will become a focal point in this field as they do research and analysis of the current issues in the national and collegiate sports.

4. Boston University4. Boston University

The Boston University is offering their sports journalism program as a concentration in the curriculum under the broader aspect in the Broadcast Journalism as well as Journalism degree programs in both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

3. Pennsylvania State University3. Pennsylvania State University

The Pennsylvania State University offers the sports journalism program as part of the research centers within the College of Communication. This is the John Curley Center for Sports Journalism in which the students will be educated through the important aspects in sports journalism. Students will be introduced to the sports industry, sports media and the society of sports. They will learn the proper sports writing methodologies as well as the right sports reporting techniques. Sports broadcasting methodologies in TV and radio is also part of the curricula as well as the effective sports information methods of efficient media relations.

2. University of Texas, – Austin2. University of Texas, – Austin

The School of Journalism of the University of Texas – Austin offers a course program in sports journalism, thus it is considered one of the best sports journalism colleges. This program is designed to improve the development of the students’ skills in sports writing and reporting. The objective of the sports journalism program in the University is to assist students in going beyond the reporting and writing of sports articles. Students will be also exposed to the ethics, business, entertainment and impact on the society of the national and collegiate sports. There is also hands-on/practical approach in the program.

1. Indiana University – Purdue University – Indianapolis1. Indiana University – Purdue University – Indianapolis

The sports journalism program in IUPUI is offered as a course in the undergraduate level. However, there is Master of Arts in Sports Journalism program offered to graduate students interested in this field. These 30-credit hours program is designed to produce highly competitive, educated and qualified graduates to be part of the mass media in the local, national and even international level. The degree program has the necessary core courses to assist students in their growth. Graduate students will have better understanding of the role played by the sports and journalism in the today’s society. The program emphasizes the congregating worlds of public relations, electronic media, print journalism, documentary, advertising and the emerging technologies in sports.

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    The Newhouse School @ Syracuse University is usually listed as the #1 or #2 best school for Sports Journalism/Broadcasting. It doesn’t even make your Top 10 List. I’m wondering why it didn’t?

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