Top 10 Things to Buy for College That are Essential in Your Day-to-Day School Life

As a kid going to elementary, middle and high school, you do not worry about things you need at school because your parents can handle almost all of them. However, as you get closer to attending college in which you will probably move out of your comfort zone (your home) and will be staying in a college dorm or apartment near the campus, you have to think about the things to buy for college – things that you will use most of the time in your years of stay in your college life.

Although not all college students will go to college dorm or apartment, it is nice to be prepared. It is a common practice in the country that most college students move out from their own home to live near or inside the campus for convenience. After all, it is ideal to be close to the campus to fully enjoy the college life.

10. Laundry stuffs10. Laundry stuffs

If you will live in a college dorm or an apartment near the campus, among the things to buy for college living are the laundry items. You do not have to do your laundry twice a week – once a week or in two weeks will suffice (if you do have several clothes). Nevertheless, you should have sufficient laundry supplies that will keep your clothes clean and maintained. The laundry supplies that you should have are fabric softener, bleach that is safe to use in colored clothes, laundry detergent (liquid preferably because college dorms and apartments have their own laundry area) and laundry basket. Stain remover and iron is optional.

9. Bedroom things

9. Bedroom thingsSince you will live in a dorm or apartment, bring your own bedroom stuffs! This includes your own pillow, pillow cases, blanket, bed sheets and the mattress itself since most dorm and apartments do not provide bedding essentials. You do not have to buy the most expensive one, but make sure you are comfortable sleeping with it. Of course, make sure that you will bring only what you need like for replacement of the sheets.

8. Bathroom essentials

8. Bathroom essentialsSince you will be living on your own or with some housemates, it is just practical that you bring your own bathroom things and grooming/hygiene kits. Bring your own bar soap, shampoo, deodorant, shaving essentials (for guys), lotions and powder (for girls). Do not forget your toothbrush and toothpaste and even mouthwash. Again, bring only what is necessary to maintain a good physical appearance.

7. Electronics and appliances

7. Electronics and appliancesSince you will live alone, you have to bring some essential electronics or even appliances that will help you live normally. If the dorm or apartment you choose to stay has some of the essential appliances like microwave oven, dishwasher, stovetop oven, air conditioner, television and refrigerator, you are very lucky. However, not all housing offer that kind of amenities. Usually, the appliances you have to bring are microwave, TV, electric kettle and include also some cooking essential here like frying pans and rice cooker. If you have laptop and cellular phones, of course, bring them and their chargers.

6. Clothing

6. ClothingOf course, you have to bring your own clothes. You can bring few clothes like shirts, pants, pajamas, underwear, sweater and jackets. You can add more clothes as you college life goes on. It is better to start with small number of clothes and do not bring all the things from your closet in your home. After all, you have to organize those clothes and the closet in college dorms and apartments are limited and sometimes, you have to share it with your housemates.

5. Essentials things for school

5. Essentials things for schoolAs you are going to school, you have to prepare the essentials stuffs that you will need in your college. Pen, pencils, erasers, calculator, pad/yellow paper and notebook are some of the essentials things to buy. But if you major in something such as fine arts, some majors in sciences and many more, you have to bring the required supplies.

4. Alarm Clock

4. Alarm ClockWhy alarm clock is on the list? First of all, you are not living in your home anymore and so, you do not have a mother or father who will wake you up every school day and will prepare your meal. Instead, you will be the one to do all the things – from preparation of your own self and your meal. Alarm clock – from standalone one to the app in your cellphone – you can use this and make sure it is loud enough for you to be awaken by it.

3. Desktop organizer

3. Desktop organizerThis is not among the common things to buy for college but is nice to have a desktop organizer in your table where you can put some of your school supplies, handouts, books and notebooks. This organizer can help you have a study table that is very organized and maintained for a good ambience to study. After all, a clutter free table is a good environment for studying inside your dorm or apartment! Just bring a small desktop organizer that will be suitable to your study table.

2. First aid kit

2. First aid kitIt is great to be prepared for small emergencies. Having a first aid kit is ideal to have and to bring in your new college dorm or apartment. A bandage, some over-the-counter tablets for headache and muscle pains, medicine for fever, gauge, alcohol, petroleum jelly and ointment if you want to create your own first aid kit or you can buy a full kit. Just make sure that you will replenish them from time to time.

1. Lots of quarter dollar

1. Lots of quarter dollarWhy you need quarter dollar? First of all, you will need quarter dollars in your laundry. Most of the laundry in college dorms and apartments have coin slots and they only accept quarter dollars. Most vending machines all over the school campus accept one dollar bill and quarter dollars and hence, it is ideal that you have some stack of dollars in your pocket and in your dorm or apartment.

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