Top 10 Tips to Remember to Make your Student Business Cards Stand Out

For students, it is important to network with the right people in order to establish connections with potential and possible employers. However, it would be too forward to simply hand out your resume or CV to every individual you meet. It is important that as a college student, you should be armed with business cards to introduce yourself to possible employers even if you have yet to finish college. Career experts recommend having business cards with you all the time to show people your initiative and sense of professionalism. Business cards will allow potential employers to have your name and contact information within reach at all times. Should there be a project or an employment opportunity in their company or office, you will be one of the first people he or she will be calling. Here are some tips to remember so you can come up with standout student business cards

10. Know the Basics

10.Know the Basics

When creating your own student business cards, you have to know what should be included in it. Your full name as well as your contact information are the things that must be in it. Make sure you include a mobile number, your email address, and your home number. Instruct people at home to take a message in case they receive a phone call from a potential employer. The purpose of listing down a home phone is in case your mobile number cannot be reached. The last thing you need is an employer being not able to reach you. Also include your major or course in the business card as well as your website or blog where your portfolio can be seen.

9. The Design

9.The Design

There are many ways to create business cards – you can start from scratch or use any of the countless templates that can be found online. It is important that the design in your business cards makes a good impression to the potential employer. Use clean and simple fonts and do not use patterns or scented paper. The design should also reflect your major or your targeted job. The only exception to this rule is if you’re an artist or a graphics design major. If this is the case, your business card should really have a wow factor.

8. No logo? Add a QR Code

8.No logo Add a QR Code

One of the problems when designing student business cards is that you do not have a logo to put in it. Logos are important because they provide quick remembering of who owns or what company the card is for. In your case, you can put QR code on your card. This code will lead the potential employer to your website, social networking profile or LinkedIn profile. Go to if you want to create QR code. Alternatively, you can also add a professional-looking photo to your business card.

7. Integrate Social Networking

7.Integrate Social Networking

Employers will want to know you are serious about working for them and if you’re ready to go corporate. In your business card, you can include the URL of your social networking site, especially your LinkedIn profile. You can give you username or the URL of your profile. Before you do this, you have to make sure that your username and profile looks professional and it is your real name and personal details.

6. Add Creativity – Lots of it!

6.Add Creativity – Lots of it

When decorating your business card, do not go for the typical design themes. Use graphics or images that will link to your major in the college/university. However, do not go to the extreme and make designs that are too loud or risque. Instead, go for images that are pleasant and tasteful, but at the same time will make a statement for you. Placing your own slogan can also help. Simplicity is always good and always consider that in business cards less is sometimes more.

5. Quality


Employers desire quality business cards instead of over decorated ones. You can create your own business cards, but it may lack of professionalism and a factor that will give you a statement. If you’re unsure of the quality of a do-it-yourself project, don’t risk it. There are stationery shops or businesses that offer affordable business card printing. Some of them would even do the design and lay out for you, if you order several hundred pieces. Do not be a cheapskate when it comes to your personal business cards. Remember, you are ‘selling’ yourself to the potential employers so invest in your business cards.

4. Business Card Makers

4.Business Card Makers

MS PowerPoint or MS Word can be a nice program to use to create your own business cards from scratch. However, remember that there are several steps involved here. Aside from creating the design and layout, you will also have to print them out and cut them to size. If you prefer online creation, there are several websites offering free business card creation, you only need to print them out afterwards.

3. Updated Information

3.Updated Information

You are handing out these business cards to potential employers or clients, so make sure that the information contained there are updated and current. This means that you should update the information there from time to time, if for example you are the type who changes mobile numbers or email addresses often. If you have changed your details make sure that you print out a new batch of these cards, otherwise it just defeats the purpose.

2. Do Not Lie

2.Do Not Lie

Like your resume, make sure that you enter only your own information in your business cards. Do not use someone else’s number or copy another person’s portfolio or work samples and then pass it off as your own. Do not place a different address so that it looks like you came from a more affluent neighborhood. Your potential clients will be extremely disappointed if they find out that you’re trying to pull a fast one on them. Be honest. If your is good they will be impressed by who you really are and not if you live in the upper east side.

1. Hand Them Out Discreetly

1. Hand Them Out Discreetly

If you will hand out your student business cards, make sure that you do it at the end of your conversation. Make sure that the person you will give your business card to is a person who is genuinely interested in you. As a student, respect the seniority and you should be the one to hand out card first and if they reciprocate it, give thanks.

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