Top 10 Totally Awesome List on How to Make a Study Guide for a School

Regardless of what school level you are in, every student needs a study guide especially in preparation for an exam. A study guide contains important notes about the subject which may appear during the finals. This is the reason why each and every student should have a comprehensive study guide so that recalling lectures and information will be much easier. However, do you even know how to make a study guide? It’s simple but there are techniques involved into making an effective guide. Here are the top ten things you can do to make that happen.

10. Compare Notes

10. Compare Notes

This isn’t cheating at all and it would be in the best interest of your peers as well as yourself to compare notes with each other. In doing so, you can check if what you have written down is accurate and even see if you may have missed out on something that they caught. Plus, in a way you are also helping out others as well. That being said, when making notes it is important to focus on one subject at a time to avoid clutter.

9. Compare Study Guides

9. Compare Study GuidesOther than comparing notes, you should also be comparing study guides with other classmates as well. You never know if they have a better understanding of the lessons and it is important to take those notes down too.

8. Make it Simple and Brief

8. Make it Simple and BriefWhen you make a summary of points, make sure that you do it in such a way that it will be easy for you to understand if the time comes you will need to look back on it. There is no sense in writing down a bunch of details that are not important so just keep it simple.

7. Using Symbols

7. Using SymbolsHighlighting very important points is crucial in every study guide. This means that this particular line needs to be remembered or will be part of the exam. Use a bold colour to highlight a line so that it stands out when you open the page. At the same time, highlighting points can be helpful if you keep forgetting this particular part.

6. Use Your Computer6. Use Your Computer

Granted that you may not have a laptop with you at all times, you can create a study guide when you are at home using your computer. The advantage in typing it out is you can organize your guide neatly to avoid misspellings as well as illegible penmanship, especially when you are rushing in taking down notes during classes. Plus, you can always print a guide out as often as you can.

5. Fonts Matter

5. Fonts MatterThe size in which you write down in your study guide can make a huge difference. Sure, you can always maximize the space in every page but sometimes it can also be the cause of confusion on your part. Make sure that you write words in a readable size which you won’t find difficult to understand. Plus, put emphasis on certain words by making them a bit bigger.

4. The Location

4. The LocationWhen you make your study guide, be sure to write it down in a place that is quiet. While your level of concentration may be uncanny, there is always room for error if and when you get distracted. Choose your room, a library or a coffee shop that isn’t crowded as your picks.

3. Condensing Portions for Manageability

3. Condensing Portions for ManageabilityThere is a big chance that you will have lots of materials which you need to cover. Identify all the important points and use them for your study guide. Do not write down parts that you know won’t come up during tests or have never been brought up during class in the first place.

2. Compiling Everything Together

2. Compiling Everything TogetherWhat you also need to do is take every important point from your textbooks, class notes and other materials used for creating the study guide. Therefore, you eliminate the need to reference from different sources all the time.

1. Using a Specific Format

1. Using a Specific FormatWhen you first start out writing down your study guide, make sure you stick to a particular format. If you keep changing it up, there is a chance you might get confused with it and make mistakes in the process.

These are just some of the best methods you can on how to make a study guide that is effective and easy to understand. Study guides can often become a life saver especially during exams and finals.

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