Top 10 Ways to Make Money in College and Be Financially Independent

Getting through college is tough, with the cost of education, your college education fund might not be enough to get you through to graduation. Besides matriculation, you also have to take care of the daily expenses. The quick way to get additional funds would be a part-time job. But even with a part-time job, money is expected to be tight. Here are 10 ways to make money in college. These money-making ideas might spur you on and get you thinking about other ways to earn much needed cash.

10. Affiliate Marketing or Internet Marketing

10 Affiliate Marketing or Internet Marketing

You don’t need to sell anything with affiliate marketing. What this means is that you would be promoting a product on your own website and when a buyer clicks on the link, you get credited for the sale. There are different kinds of affiliate marketing, like pay-per-click (PPC), pay-per-thousand impressions (PPM). The important part is that promoting your site, so that internet users would go to your site, and also to promote your affiliate marketing link. This can be done part-time, and you can continue with this even after college. You would need to be patient with this as the first click does not happen overnight. You can promote your site (and your affiliate marketing link) via social media as well.

9. Graphic Design Jobs

9 Graphic Design Jobs

If you’ve got the skills for graphic design, you might want to take in commissions for website design. Or any other kind of graphic design for that matter. These include t-shirt designs, and commissioned work for drawings or animation. What is important is to get your name out where people will notice it. That means that you have to create something for posting on the web. You can use social media sites like deviantart, YouTube, Flickr, and others. You can also use social networking sites to promote your work. If that is not your style, connect with artists in your area, they might be able to help you find paying jobs.

8. Translation Work

8 Translation Work

If you are fluent in any other language besides English, translation work might be for you. Translation is when you convert written text from one language to another. This is different from interpreting, as it explains the spoken words from one language to another. Strictly speaking, interpreters are required to undergo training before being given a job. Translation jobs typically take longer and can be done at your own free time.

7. Arts and Crafts

7 Arts and Crafts

There are many crafts works that you can do in your free time. This takes some skill, and creativity. Some crafts need training, or equipment. Not everyone has a pottery wheel or carver’s tools. But if you’re good with macrame, or paper cut-out art, you might consider creating some art work and selling these at flea markets.

6. Freelance Writing

6 Freelance Writing

There is a demand for freelance writing. Usually, you can pick these up at Craigslist. With freelance writing for the internet, the rates per article are much lower than they were when it was all on paper publications. However, there are a lot more demand for articles on the internet, which leads to more freelance writing work.

5. Computer Repair

5 Computer Repair

Not everyone understands how a computer works, but almost everyone has a computer. In the same manner, repairing computers is easy for those who understand computers. Getting a PC up and running can be a way to earn big money. There are a lot of things that can go wrong with a computer. For instance, coffee might get spilled on a computer. Or a PC might have a virus. Most times, people just complain that their computer is slow and you might be able to help. There’s a need for computer literate people, and if you have the skills, people can pay for your services.

4. Programming

4 Programming

Besides repairing the hardware, writing programs can be a lucrative way to earn money. Of course, you might need to spend more time in this than with other part-time jobs. But it could be worth it. If you are so inclined, you might have an idea for the next big app. That is not so far-fetched considering that a lot of Silicon Valley millionaires started programming for pay while still in college.

3. Blogging

3 Blogging

If you are passionate about something, and have good writing skills, you might want to try your hand at blogging. Strictly speaking, blogging itself does not pay, what does pay are the ads you put up on your site. You can also get paid for writing guest articles. Or you can use your blog to promote affiliate marketing sites. This is one activity that can be continued well after college. Besides earning some cash from blogging, you can also use this to expand your network. It’s much easier to get a job if the right people know your skills and that you are available after college.

2. Selling Stuff On eBay

2 Selling Stuff On eBay

There is nothing that cannot be sold on eBay. That being said, a lot of the things on eBay are run of the mill. Previously owned items, and some are even being sold on eBay because they are defective or not working any longer. But if you have an item which you think people will still buy even if it had cracks on it, or it is already broken, then why not go ahead and list it on eBay. One man’s junk may be another man’s treasure.

1. Tutoring

Knowledge is power. If the only thing that you have is your brain, then you might want to consider a tutoring job. Tutoring can be for anything, not necessarily for school work only. Though tutoring higher math and the sciences does make it worth your time. Other tutoring you might want to consider would be for playing a musical instrument like the guitar or piano, or for a foreign language, like Portuguese or French. If you happen to be a language major, tutoring a language may also be to your advantage as you would get to practice your skills.

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