List of Top Colleges In Texas

Top Colleges In Texas

Are you looking for a college to enroll in Texas? If you are having a hard time choosing which school to pursue your higher education, let this list be your guide. Here are the top ten schools in Texas and what their strengths are:

10. Texas State University

Top Colleges In Texas

Texas State University is a public university founded in 1899. Located in San Marcos, Texas, the school offers 97 baccalaureate and 98 graduate degree programs. The school boasts of having state-of-the-art facilities in San Marcos and Round Rock that give student a challenging and rewarding academic environment.

9. Texas Christian University

Top Colleges In Texas

Texas Christian University is a private university connected with the Disciples of Christ Christian Church. It is located in Fort Worth, Texas. They have a 14 is to 1 student to faculty ratio. The university has an 87% freshman retention rate — a gauge of the student satisfaction. Although a Christian school, the university accepts students from any religious sector. As a matter of fact, students have a choice to join any of the 20 religious organizations present in the school.

Their Horned Frog Sports team competes in the NCAA Division I Big XII Conference and is well known to be quite competitive in football.

8. University of Dallas

Top Colleges In Texas

It’s a small private Catholic university based in Dallas, Texas. It is considered to be one of the top Catholic colleges in the US. They have a commendable 13 is to 1 student/faculty ratio, and offers strong grant aid to their students. Students can choose from more than 50 majors, including studies in business, liberal arts and ministry programs.

7. Texas Tech

Top Colleges In Texas

Texas Tech is a public university located in Lubbock, Texas. It has a huge 1,839 acre campus. They offer 159 major courses in college. Students can also choose to join any of the 450 student organizations within the campus that will help enrich college life. The school got a 24 is to 1 student/faculty ratio, with the freshman retention rate is around 81.5 percent.

6. University of Houston

Top Colleges In Texas

Located in Houston, TX, the University of Houston houses 40 centers that on research and other typical community topics. Their University of Houston Law Center is renowned when it comes to intellectual, property and health care law. This school is considered as one of the top colleges in Texas because it  is as a world leader when it comes to energy research.

5. Baylor University

Top Colleges In Texas

Baylor University is a private university affiliated with the Baptist Church. It is located in Waco, Texas. They have 145 areas of study and 300 student organizations. This university is very active in research and proactively involves students and faculty members. They are known for their research work on the Center of Reservoir and Aquatic Systems. They have also contributed to the Waco Mammoth Site.

4. Texas A& M University

Top Colleges In Texas

Texas A&M is a public research university located in College Station, Texas. This is a strong military college popular for its research facilities. It is the only veterinary medicine college in Texas. Student satisfaction is quite high at this university as they have 91.8 percent freshman retention rate. The student to faculty ratio in this university is 22:1.

3. Southern Methodist University (SMU)

Top Colleges In Texas

Southern Methodist University is a private secular university despite its affiliated religious name. It is located in Dallas, Texas.  It is known as a good business and an art school.  Students in this school get lots of hands-on training in majors like biology, anthropology and astronomy. SMU is well known for cultivate leaders with a strong foundation in liberal arts.

2. University of Texas, Austin

Top Colleges In Texas

University of Texas is a public research university located in Austin, Texas. It is one of the biggest public universities in the USA. It is also considered one of the top business schools in the country. Their basketball team, Texas Longhorns ,is quite competitive in the NCAA division.

1. Rice University

Top Colleges In Texas

Rice University is a private university located in Houston, Texas. It is known to be quite selective in accepting students. This is because  they have unmatched opportunities when it comes to learning. The school boasts of well-trained and distinguished professors that emphasize in depth classroom interaction and collaboration in research. The small class size and low ratio of student to faculty makes it easy for the student to learn. Rice University is also a part of Southern Ivy League school.

Time for Decision

Which of the top colleges in Texas are you interested in? Choose wisely, and you are on your way to a bright future.


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