Web Designer Job Description And Career Outlook

The websites you know and love are not created by themselves. They are created by people called web designers. In this article, you will know more about the web designer job description and their career outlook. Why take the time to learn about this amazing career? This is simply because web designing is a very rewarding occupation for those who are tech and design savvy. If you have the interest in technology, and if you have a desire to create great designs, then you could be a great candidate to become a web designer.

web designer job description

Front End and Back End Web Design

The job of a web designer is multi-faceted. They can be in charge of the development of the whole webpage, or they can focus on just certain aspects of it. In the field of web design, the creation of a web page is divided into two parts—the front end and the back end.

The front end of a web page is what the users see and interface with. At the front end part of the page, the designer’s job is to make things look orderly and pretty. This means designing the aesthetic of the page, which includes: layout, graphics, video content, typography and text and overall usability.

The back end part of the web page, on the other hand, holds the software that makes the web page run. Think of this part as the engine that powers the page. Web designers who focus on the back end usually deal with the design and architecture of the program that runs the site.

Web Designer’s Job Description

  • Executes the layout the web page’s content in a manner acceptable to the client
  • Chooses the color, graphics and typography for the web page
  • Creates a programming code for the website (or for applications on the website)
  • Manages and implements the security system of the website
  • Manages the database of the website
  • Runs tests for the site
  • Determines problems and comes up with action plans for them
  • Fixes bugs and other technical problems as they arise
  • Updates the content of the website
  • Collates data from the web site (e.g. Analytics)
  • Liaises with the provider of the server for technical issues
  • Meets and communicates with clients

Skill Requirements

To become a web designer, it’s a must that they know the necessary web programming languages (e.g. HTML, C++, Java, PHP, Dreamweaver, MySQL, CSS etc.). But it’s not all about technical skills. A web designer should also be adept at design concepts. They should know about typesetting, layout design, color usage and even photo manipulation. Aside from technical and design skills, a web designer should also have the capacity to manage projects successfully. Furthermore, it helps a great deal if the web designer can communicate with his clients well.

Career Outlook

The profession of web designing has grown leaps and bounds with the proliferation of websites. To date, almost all organizations and corporations have their own website. And these organizations and corporations all employ a web designer (or sometimes a whole team of them). Web designers who choose not to be employed in corporations join web design consultancy firms, or practice their profession as freelancers.

For their salaries, entry level web designers earn an average of $30,000 in wages annually. For seasoned designers, their salaries can be as high as $50,000. For the truly skilled designers, they can fetch an annual salary of more than $65,000. In this profession, pay rates are mostly based on the designer’s level of proficiency and skill. Age and experience don’t matter much if a designer is highly skilled in web design.


Having read through the web designer job description, you can now gauge for yourself if you have what it takes to be one. This career promises a lot of flexibility and creativity to go along with the competitive salary. The most rewarding part of the job is seeing your work uploaded online for the whole world to see. Are you interested to become a web designer? Let us know what you think about becoming one and we might be able to help you out.

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