A Comprehensive Guide: What Is A Good SAT Score?

what is a good sat score

what is a good sat score

What is a good SAT score?

Here is a typical scenario: You just got your SAT score and you’re not confident if this is acceptable or enough to get you accepted into the school of your choice. Should you schedule another exam any time soon? Well, it depends on the school that you would want to enroll in. A score of 1700 on your SAT may be higher than average in one college, but below average at another.

The Higher Your SAT Score, The Better

The average SAT score in the US is 1500. You can be accepted into a large number of colleges and universities as long as your SAT rating falls near the national average. Colleges that are more discerning may expect a higher than the national average SAT from you before you can be accepted for admission.

SAT scores are just one of the things schools look at before accepting applications. As a matter of fact, SAT scores can make or break your college application. It’s easier for colleges and universities to gauge you as a student with your SAT rating compared to your achievements and honors attained.

A SAT rating of 1100 and below are treated as too low by any college that offers a four year course. One way to compensate the low SAT score is to have good grades or send an excellent application to the college administrator. Sometimes even if you get accepted by the college, they may still require you to take refresher courses on your freshman year.

What makes a good SAT score?

The SAT is an entrance exam designed by The College Board, and is used as a gauge for colleges and universities to compare their student applicants. The test includes three components: Writing, Math, and Critical Reading.

The score from each part can go from 200 to 800,with a perfect score of a total of 2400. The average score for each test is 500, so the passing average score should be 1500. In 2013, the average scores recorded for math is 515, 489 for writing and 497 for critical reading.

There’s Always Chance for Improvement

When it comes to your SAT score, there is always room for improvement unless you already have a perfect 2400 SAT rating. Some students just settle with their SAT scores thinking it’s enough to get to their desired school, which may not be the case. It may disappoint them if the school asked for a higher SAT score.

A high SAT score can be very helpful especially if you are looking to get a scholarship to fund your college education. Even if you are already enrolled in a school, it would still be recommended to take the test again to make your SAT score even better. The SAT exams are offered 7 times every year in all states. You can take the SAT in January, March, May, June, October, November and December.

what is a good sat score

Valuable Tips For You

1. Know the scale of difficulty – The SAT questionnaire is separated into three levels of difficulty. The first 30% of the exam is easy, the second 30% is average and the last part is hard. Reading Comprehension passages will be the exception to this rule as it doesn’t follow this order of difficulty for that examination.

Each part on the SAT takes an equal amount of time. Make sure to spend time answering the easy and medium questions correctly and spend the remaining time on the hard questions. Finishing the test as quickly as possible, or taking most of your time answering the toughest questions can bring your score down as you may miss a lot of right answers for the easy and medium questions.

2. Don’t be satisfied with going for the average

Maybe you are thinking of perfecting all the easy and medium questions and disregarding the hard ones just to get an average score and pass the SAT. Doing this will be a tough mistake as some of the answers you thought are correct may be wrong and this may pull down your SAT score.

Don’t settle with a mindset of having an average score. An average score is not good for you as colleges these days are pickier when it comes to students that barely pass the SAT tests.

3. Do deductive reasoning

Every question has five possible answers. You get to improve your chances of the right answer by eliminating one or more wrong choices. This will give you a correct guess chance of 25% or better.

“What is a good SAT score?”  A good sat score is very important for aspiring college students to be accepted at the college of their choice. With these tips shared, you should be able to ace it!

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