What Is A Personal Banker Job Description

personal banker job description

personal banker job description

A personal banker is responsible in handling the financial transactions of a client. Transactions such as the client’s savings, and current accounts, mortgages and loans are just some of the financial activities the banker oversees. If the client has queries or problems regarding his/her accounts, they only need to get in touch with their personal banker. A personal banker job description is to give a customized service to the customer.

His level of experience determines how much he earns annually. It may start as low as $30,000 per year and can work his way up to about $60,000 per year. A senior personal banker earns $43.85 an hour, or $91,220 a year.


  1. Deals with customers’ queries, request and issues
  2. Performs duties related to the bank’s financial and operational services
  3. Process all new account transactions and assist customers in selecting what products fit their financial needs
  4. Cross-selling of bank products, assist customers in opening and maintaining all account types
  5. Performs branch clerical duties and refer customers to appropriate staff for new services
  6. Builds and manages lifelong customer relationships
  7. Needs to be knowledgeable and skilled in discussing, accepting, and processing credit card applications, as well as, safety deposit and vault
  8. Trains and supports the less experienced staff members of the bank
  9. Gives expert advice and service to the bank’s clients
  10. Examines the customer selection of assets to determine the type of services a customer need
  11. Offers solutions that will aid clients who are facing large expenditures (like for example, savings for college), decision making when purchasing a home, or planning for one’s retirement.
  12. Understands the financial needs of the client and helps them in getting the greatest and possible value offered by the products and services of the bank


  • PERSONAL BANKER – Provides expert financial advice and great service
  • BUSINESS SECIALIST – Provides financial advice and great service to business customers
  • STORE MANAGER –            Lead a sales and service team
  • SALES CONSULTANT – Coach sales teams and help them become their best
  • MORTGAGE CONSULTANT – Help customers realize their dreams of home ownership
  • DISTRICT MANAGER – Heads groups of stores and leads the team to success

personal banker job description

 Retail Personal Banker – is a personal banker that builds relationships with customers and offers  banking services that meet customer’s current and future financial needs. Their main responsibility is to maximize revenue and profit for the bank.


  • Knowledge – A personal banker needs comprehensive knowledge of the bank’s products and services and how these would benefit different types of customer. Customers financial needs may vary with their personal circumstances. Younger customers may need personal loans like mortgages and credit cards. Older customers may seek advice about pension and investments. With this knowledge, a personal banker can recommend the most appropriate product.
  • Accounts – Part of his duty is to help new customers open accounts. The retail personal banker carries out credit checks to ensure that customers are credit worthy. He also provides new customers the essential personal banking services such as checking accounts and online banking.
  • Relationships – An important aspect of personal banker job description is his role in building relationships with the clients of the bank. Long-term relationship with retail banks provides good opportunities for selling additional products as the needs of customer change. The personal banker should maintain contact with the clients by mailing information about the latest services the bank is offering.
  • Targets – Personal bankers must meet their sales targets and contribute to the banks overall revenue targets. They use the bank’s promotional campaigns to focus on sales of specific products. They must familiarize themselves with the current legislation and ensure that they explain customer rights and obligations during a sale.
  • Teams – Personal bankers are part of a wider team that deals with customers in retail banking. In interacting with customers, they should look for opportunities to cross-sell other products of the bank or its partners that might be outside their own portfolio. For example, they might refer a high-income customer to a wealth management advisor, or a new homeowner to an insurance specialist. Referring business helps the personal banker to contribute to the banks overall revenue targets.

Knowing the personal banker job description is the beginning of a promising career in the banking world. It is a profession that will develop your leadership and interpersonal skill. Are you ready to become a personal banker today?

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