What is the real ID God URL? (2024)

A question that has been sent in a lot to us is what the real IDGod website URL is.

If you search “ID God” in Google it becomes obvious that are many websites all having the same name, and it can be tricky to navigate and find out which one is the real IDGOD and which ones are not real.

Using the following guide will allow you to easily find the real IDGod – ensuring that the world famous quality that ID God is known for, is what you receive!

Picture: Highlighted is the real ID God URL

What is ID God?

ID God is considered the largest Fake ID Producer in the world. There have been many writeups over the years both exposing and praising ID God, such as this one below:

id god real URL

So which website is real?

There are 2 easy ways to quickly find out which the real ID God URL is.

The easiest is to go for the most trusted domain name: idgod.org. If the URL has anything other than .ORG then it is not the real ID God!

The second way is to look for the only one that has the title “official” in the title. The other websites are not able to legally call themselves the “official ID God, they are usually re-sellers or sell lower quality ID cards.

So once again, here is the photo highlighting the real ID god:

What is the best ID God state?

When it comes to picking which state you want to purchase, there 2 main rules to keep in mind.

    1. Do not pick your own state! While it is true that sometimes the cards work in-state, it is always a risk as the bouncers/security/bar staff have seen 10000 of that states ID before. They might spot tiny little imperfections or the card might feel a bit different when they hold it.


  1. Do not pick too far from home. If you are living in TX or MS and try to pull off the act that you are from NY or WA then things might look a little off. Your accent/dress style/behavior may all be showing subtle giveaways that you aren’t from where you say you are. If you’re from CA, pick a AZ Fake ID. If you’re from NY, pick a NJ licence.

How to pay for ID God order?

There are 3 main methods people use to pay for their ID God orders:

    1. Cash App. The most popular payment method is Cash App – the vast majority of young Americans now have the App on their phone and payments take about 10 minutes to make.


    1. Zelle. The next most popular method is Zelle. Once you’ve placed an order you can send them an emailing asking for the email of the Zelle recepient, they will usually respond within 24 hours and after that the payment will take just 5 minutes.


    1. Amazon Gift Card. For customers who don’t want any trace of the payment linking back to them, ID God accepts Amazon gift cards as payment. These need to be paid in cash in a physical store (not online) after which you simply upload a picture of the card and email it to the team.


  1. PayPal. PayPal payments take just 2 minutes – payment must be sent as ‘family and friends’.

The proof is in the pudding!

If we look at real ID cards printed by the genius who is IDGOD we can see that they printed the full website URL on the card itself – there is no doubt remaining that the real websites URL is: W W W . I D G O D . O R G

How much do IDGod fakes cost?

The pricing structure at IDGod is fairly simple – the more you purchase, the cheaper it gets!

At present they are on sale, so the amount you would pay is as follows: