What Jobs Are In Demand In The US Today?

What Jobs are In Demand in the US Today?

The job market is slowly becoming saturated year after year. Because of this, students and job seekers need to be aware of jobs that are in demand in order to make the necessary preparations to bag a secure post. Here are the most in-demand jobs that would help you determine which career path you wish to pursue.

Software Developers

What Jobs are In Demand in the US Today?

Jobs added since 2010: 70,872

Growth: 7%

Average Salary: $91,800

Software developers are the brains who design, install, test, and maintain software systems. In addition to that, software developers are the ones who review current systems and present ideas for system improvements.

There are lots of job opportunities for software developers across all industries because of the dependence of businesses on technology.

Accountants and Auditors

What Jobs are In Demand in the US Today?

Jobs added since 2010: 37,123

Growth: 3%

Average Salary: $65,000

Accountants and auditors analyze financial information for companies and individual clients. They also provide vital information about the status of a business by handling the analysis and verification of various financial documents.

Increase in number of businesses and changing financial regulations drive the need for more accountants and auditors in the years to come.

Market Research Analysts and Specialists

Jobs added since 2010: 31,335

Growth:  10%

Average Salary: $67,000

A Market Research Analyst interprets data, drafts reports, and makes several recommendations based on various research findings. Qualitative and quantitative research techniques are applied by analysts in order to produce findings and recommendations.

Human Resources, Training, and Labor Relations Specialists

What Jobs are In Demand in the US Today?

Jobs added since 2010: 22,773

Growth: 5%

Average Salary: $109,000

HR specialists are the ones who help companies with recruiting, screening and interviewing. Aside from the placement process, they also assist in other employee-related matters like benefits and payroll, employee relations, and training.

Computer and Network Administrators

Jobs added since 2010: 18,626

Growth: 5%

Average Salary: $76,000

Network and Computer Systems Administrators manage the day-to-day operation of a company’s computer network. They also oversee all systems, including all network and data communication systems.

Demand for computer system administrators is continuously growing because organizations are investing in newer and faster technology and mobile networks.

Sales Representatives

What Jobs are In Demand in the US Today?

Jobs added since 2010: 17,405

Growth: 4%

Average Salary: $60,000

The main role of a sales representative is to increase the sales for the company by building strong rapport with potential clients. A successful sales representative must be able to generate strong leads and determine who among their clients have the most potential and will translate into sales.

Information Security Analyst

Jobs added since 2010: 15,715

Growth: 5%

Average Salary: $73,000

A security analyst’s job entails maintaining the security and integrity of data within a company. He is responsible for protecting all sensitive information within an institution by analyzing all corporate security measures and determining if they are effective or not.

Being a security analyst is one of the best paying jobs because all companies value information security and new security protocols are added on a regular basis.

Mechanical Engineers

What Jobs are In Demand in the US Today?

Jobs added since 2010: 13,847

Growth: 6%

Average Salary: $82,000

Mechanical Engineers help in providing efficient solutions to product and process development. They are involved in all stages of product management – starting from design and research, up to the installation phase.

Being a Mechanical Engineer is another good paying job because of its diversity and applicability to all industries, since almost all industries are dependent on mechanical systems and machineries.

Industrial Engineers

Jobs added since 2010: 12,269

Growth: 6%

Average Salary: $60,000

An industrial engineer is the who reviews the production schedules, creates management control systems, and establishes quality control procedures. He ensures that all factors involved in the manufacturing process are optimized.

Being an Industrial Engineer is one of the top jobs in demand because it gives practitioners the chance to work in varying business industries.


Studies show that 75% of working-age Americans are currently looking for new job opportunities. By researching and knowing which is the current high demand jobs are, you will be able to invest in further learning and development to gain the appropriate skill sets.

Now that you know what jobs are in demand in the US today, nothing can stop you from pursuing and working hard on a successful career for your future.

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