Young Writers Society: Meeting Other Creative Writers Like You

young writers society

Are you a young writer looking for a broader audience for your work? Are you a beginner and want to improve your writing skills? If so, then you may want to consider joining online communities where you can freely share your work, like the Young Writers Society.

What is Young Writers Society?

young writers society

Founded in 2004, the Young Writers Society (YWS) is a global writing community designed for young writers ages between 13 and 25. It was formed by Nathan Caldwell, a web programmer and legal consultant. He developed the site based on a website called “The Young Writers Club” which he was part of when he was younger. Since then, he became passionate about it, and has continued to manage it until today. As of this year, the site has over 9,000 active members.

Organizational Goals

The aim of The Young Writers Society is to promote creative writing as a hobby, which prepares aspiring writers and authors for future publication. It is an ideal place for beginners and young writers as they are able to publish their work within a wide audience, while receiving constructive feedback. Reviews are essential, especially when it comes to instructors and experienced writers. The right feedback and reviews are necessary to push young writers create better content. If you’d like to get honest feedback about your work, then consider signing up for this online community.

In addition, young writers like you, also have a chance to meet new people and collaborate with other writers across the globe. The site also aims to create lasting friendships across continents and different cultures. Aside from the literary section where you can freely publish your work, there is also a forum page where members can collaborate, compete, review, ask questions, and chat with each other. Moreover, you can also share photographs and even start a debate with other members. It is almost similar to other social networking platforms, but according to Nathan, the site is not a social network.

Nathan is very cautious about the site being called a “social network.” According to him, the Young Writers Society has social networking elements, like chatting and meeting other members, but the site is more than that. It’s an organization that not only aims to create lasting bonds, but promote creative writing as well.

young writers society

Who manages and maintains the site?

The Young Writers Society is managed by volunteer outstanding members with the aim of promoting creative writing. The moderators are group of individuals who look after the forum. Part of their responsibilities is to mentor the other writers and ensure that the site is running smoothly.

How to Register?

Signing up to the Young Writers Society is simple. Just go to their website, click the “register” link and then fill up the registration form. Upon the successful registration, you can already customize your own profile, post your work, participate in forums, subscribe to user groups, etc.

However, you have to know that posting a new work can cost 200-500 points. You can earn points by reviewing someone else’s work. Points may vary, but you can earn from 0.1 to 100 points per review you make. And generally, the more work you review, the more points you earn, and the more chance you can publish more content.

For more information, visit their FAQ page.

Copyright Policy

The Young Writers Society doesn’t claim any ownership of the work published by its members. The site respects the intellectual property of its young writers and all work uploaded to the site remains the property of its creator. No original work may be reused or published without the consent of its creator.

However, the site is very strict towards plagiarism. If the site encounters plagiarism, the content, graphic, or work will be immediately removed from the site, and the writer’s account will be permanently banned from the YWS site.

Final Thoughts

Writing communities, like the Young Writers Society, is a great start for young writers to share your work and develop your skills. But aside from that, it’s also a good thing that through this, you’re able to meet new people, which is beneficial to your growth as a writer.

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