10 Things You Need To Know About Zion Bible College

zion bible college

zion bible college

Most people may have heard of Zion Bible College, but there may be some important details about the college that may not be so apparent — foremost among them is its current name.

Here are 10 facts about Zion Bible College:

1. New Name

The school started as the “School of the Prophets” founded by a Pentecostal pastor named Rev. Christine Gibson in East Providence, Rhode Island in 1924. Later, it was known as the Mount Zion Bible School.  By 1985, the school then known as the Zion Bible Institute transferred to a new campus in Barrington, Rhode Island, then finally to Haverhill Massachusetts as the Zion Bible College in 2008.  The named was changed to Northpoint Bible College in 2012.

2. School’s Sole Purpose:  Preparing Students for Pentecostal Ministry

As the college is dedicated to preparing students for the Pentecostal ministry, the only degree it offered at first was a Bachelor’s in Biblical Studies, which involves course work in Biblical Studies and Systematic Theology.  Students may choose to major in Church Ministry, Youth Ministry, Children and Family Ministry, Music and Worship Ministry, World Missions, Urban Ministry, and Pastoral Ministry.

The Massachusetts Department of Higher Education approved the addition of a Master’s Degree Program in 2012.

3. Location

The college sits on an 18 acre campus in Haverhill, Massachusetts. The campus site used to house the Bradford College until a wealthy individual gave it to Zion Bible College.  David Green, of the Hobby Lobby chain of stores, purchased the Bradford College campus in 2007 and donated it to the then Zion Bible College.  The old campus was renovated and upgraded to meet the needs of the college, and it was re-opened in the fall of 2008.

zion bible college

4. Accreditation

Zion Bible College/Northpoint Bible College affiliated itself with and was officially endorsed by Assemblies of God USA in 2000, and received accreditation by the Association for Biblical Higher Education in 2001.

5. Dress Code for Men

Strict dress codes require men to wear Oxford style or ragged edges, shoes or sandals.  On their own time, students may wear shirts and shorts (length should be below the knee). Body fit clothing, tattoos and piercings are not allowed.

6. Dress Code for Women

Women are required to dress modestly in dresses, skirts, pants or jeans and a blouse that provides the appropriate cover, and shoes.  Dark nail polish, exposed midriff and cleavage, form-fitting attire, multiple and dangling earrings, body rings, low-riding pants, and shorts above the knee are forbidden.

7. Campus Organizations

Students may choose to join any of three travelling teams composed of students overseen by college staff. The ‘Dwelling Place’ music team provides training and experience in music, and a favorite among those who have chosen to major in music ministry. The ‘Appointed’ dramatic arts team is the team to join for drama tutorials which aim to spread God’s word through theater performances.  The ‘Missions Team,’ on the other hand, undertakes mission related work in local churches.

8. Campus Dormitories

Students are required to live in on-site dormitories unless they are married, or live with their parents or legal guardians.  There are separate dormitories for men and women, but no dorms for married couples.

zion bible college

9. Prayers and Church Services

Chapel prayers are held Mondays through Thursdays, and all full-time students are required to attend.  Special class prayers are held one Friday each month, where each class meets and prays together and plans class work.

10.   Campus Activities

Participation in campus activities called S.P.I.C.E (Student Participation In Campus Experience) is mandatory and all students are required to log the necessary hours.  These activities may involve cleaning of campus grounds, mail room assignment, audio-visual room, security assignments, and others.  Single students are required to put in 5 hours per week while only  3 hours per week are required of married students.

If you are an incoming college freshman considering a career in Pentecostal ministry, the former Zion Bible College, now known as the Northpoint Bible College, is a good choice.  The list we have created above may help ensure that you know what you are getting into before you make your decision.



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