Steps On How To Get Into Stanford University

how to get into stanford

how to get into stanford

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With a staggering 6.6% acceptance rate, Leland Stanford Junior University, or more famously known as Stanford University is one of the most sought-after universities in the United States. Establishing a reputation of honor and excellence, almost everyone, if not everyone, dreams of being admitted to this very prestigious institution. Its admission process is not dependent on GPA, class rank, or exam scores alone. To help you out in your quest for excellence, here are some useful tips on how to get into Stanford.

Be an outstanding student

It is never too early to start something. In this very competitive and challenging world, being ahead of the pack as early as possible will surely be beneficial to any student who will apply to Stanford. Aside from achieving excellent grades, you have to spend as much time possible being involved in various causes. Also take the time to learn something new everyday – be it a new sport, a new hobby, or a new field of study or interest. Investing in personal development as early as junior high would greatly increase your ability to fight your way to admission.

Be on the right track academically as early as your high school freshman year

Do not be afraid to approach your counselor and discuss your academic plans. By doing this, you will be guided and informed with the right choices when it comes to choosing your subjects. Moreover, you will be able to closely monitor the requirements of the university when it comes to academic units ensuring that all classes that you take will be credited.

Get high grades

Even though Stanford does not have a GPA requirement for admission, having stellar grades would not hurt your chances of being admitted. This would increase your chances in one way or another. Historical data show that more than 50% of Stanford applicants have a GPA of 4.0 or better.

Enroll in honors or advanced classes

If your school is offering AP classes, you should greatly consider enrolling yourself in these classes. Getting high grades in standard subjects increases your chances of admission, but acing advanced classes would make your track record look even better. In addition to that, the university also attributes different weights to different subjects.

Engage in numerous extracurricular activities

Stanford is known to give utmost importance to the holistic development of every student. With this being said, you may show your commitment to excellence by being active in various school organizations and activities. Guides on how to get into Stanford state that the university does not attribute different weights to different extracurricular activities. What is important here is that the student shows an exceptional level of commitment in any activity that he decides to get into.

Volunteer for causes that are close to your heart

Volunteering for a specific cause shows an individual’s commitment to fight for what he believes in. This also shows that a person is very well-aware of what is happening around him and that he is willing to devote time and effort to make the world a better place — one step at a time. Of course, volunteering will also improve your credentials because this goes to show that you are a community-oriented person with a solid moral foundation.

Ace the standard exams

It is known that Stanford does not require a minimum standard exam score for admission but of course, having high exam scores will surely catch their attention. Having high scores is also a proof that you are committed to academic excellence and will boost your chances of being admitted to the university.

If your scores are less than what you expected, do not be disheartened because there are lots of other things that are taken into consideration for admission.

Overall, what Stanford is looking for are individuals who know what they want and are willing to work hard for it. They are also on the lookout for extraordinary individuals who stand out among a sea of achievers and are willing to do things unconventionally and out of the box.

They say that luck is a combination of intense preparation and perfect timing. By starting to plan your strategies on how to get into Stanford as early as now, you will find yourself getting closer to your goal each passing day.

At this time, what are your chances of getting into Stanford University?  

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