Pediatrician Job Description: Qualities And Requirements Of A Pediatrician

pediatrician job description

pediatrician job description

What is the pediatrician job description?

Of all the medical jobs, being a pediatrician must be one of the most challenging yet very rewarding. Imagine the difference you make in the lives of those tiny little tots. Undoubtedly, pediatricians are doing a real great job in lessening worries of parents and doing them a huge favor by being in charge of the healthcare of their children.

But it’s not as easy as it looks. You may usually see pediatricians giving a little pat on the back, checking the lower eyelids, and listening to heartbeat; but it is a lot more than that! Being a pediatrician has qualities and requirements. The job description of a pediatrician doesn’t begin and end with treating sick babies and toddlers.

Today, we will examine what it really takes to be a pediatrician. Below are the qualities and requirements of a pediatrician:

  1. Bachelor’s Degree. One must complete a bachelor’s degree before he/she can be admitted to medical school. Though medical schools do not require a specific major, they do have many prerequisites in chemistry and biology.
  2. Medical Degree. Almost all medical schools require four years of study. The first two years include classes and work in the laboratory, while the next two years are spent in hospitals and clinics.
  3. Medical License. You need to take an exam after graduating from medical school in order to practice medicine.
  4. Pediatric Residency. To become a pediatrician, doctors must complete a three-year residency working with experienced and certified pediatricians. The residency program must be accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education or the Review Committee by Pediatrics.
  5.  Board Certification. After completing residency, one must be board certified by the American Board of Pediatrics to become a certified pediatrician. He/She should be able to pass a seven-hour multiple choice test.
  6. Sub-specialty. If you already are board certified pediatrician, you can go ahead and pursue a sub-specialty such as pediatric Rheumatology or child abuse pediatrics among others. These require additional training and certification.

pediatrician job description

Those mentioned above are education, training, and license related requirements. But being a pediatrician doesn’t end there. It involves such qualities, which you can never learn in class or a laboratory. Here are some of the traits and qualities of a pediatrician:

  1. Great Communicators. Pediatricians should communicate well with children, their guardians, and medical staff. It is critical that pediatricians can connect well to the patient as well as those who are taking care of the patient as well.
  2. Patient. By patient, we do not mean sick. Pediatricians should practice more patience since they are dealing with kids. Kids can’t usually say what’s wrong with them. All they do is cry and complain. Pediatricians should be able to handle that.
  3. Great leadership. Pediatricians must practice a great form of leadership when dealing with patients and staff. They must show authority and think fast in every circumstance that needs action.
  4. Willing to work long hours. Pediatricians take on shifting schedules and usually stay on holidays. This is part of the sacrifice they have to make for being in the medical field.
  5. Correct diagnosis and treatment. Pediatricians should be able to determine and spot signs of illness in kids. They must be able to diagnose and offer treatments for the patient’s condition.
  6. Honest. Some parents are hysterical when their children are not well. This doesn’t give an excuse for pediatricians to sugar coat things and lie about the kid’s condition. He/she should explain properly the condition and advise the parents about the risks of medical procedures and the likelihood of complications.
  7. Confident. This is a key attribute since pediatricians need to be able to make decisions independently. Also, if the pediatrician is confident, this also adds confidence to the parents and will make them trust that you know what you are doing. A reluctant pediatrician will give heart attacks to parents! It’s their child you are dealing with.

Being a pediatrician is a tough profession. You can’t even equate it with any amount of money they do for a living. I remember an incident when a pediatrician was asked randomly how much does he make.  In which he answered, “I make a difference.”

With this pediatrician job description, are you ready to become one?

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