Everything You Want To Know About Westech College

westech college

westech college

Westech College, headquartered in Fontana, California is a fairly popular name in the field of providing technical education in the state. The college has more than 25 years of experience in teaching students various skills related courses through its facilities. The college focuses on providing skill-based education to its students. Westech College is registered as a for-profit college. Here are a few things you might want to know before entering Westech College.

College Locations

Westech College operates colleges across 3 locations across the state of California. They include

  1. Fontana (main school)
  2. Victorville (branch)
  3. Moreno Valley (branch)

Courses Offered

The college offers 5 different programs through its facilities. They include the following.

  • Veterinary Assistant: Westech offers day and evening courses in veterinary assistant. The total hours required for the course is 1040 hours. While evening students have the option to finish the course in 52 weeks, day students have the option to finish it in 37 weeks.  The course primarily deals with the handling of domesticated animals and dealing with their medical treatments.
  • Medical Office Administration: The college also runs a 30-week program in medical office administration. In total, 900 hours are allocated for finishing the course. The course is designed to give students the necessary knowledge in running the daily activities of a medical office.
  • Medical Assisting:  Westech also offers a 900 hour course in medical assisting. For the course, 30 weeks are allocated for day students, while 45 weeks are allocated for evening students. Skills, ranging from basic emergency health treatments to book keeping are taught in the course.
  • Computerized Office Administration: This 800 hour course is for students willing to get specialized knowledge about modern office handling. Students have the option to enroll in day or evening classes.  Day courses are completed within 27 weeks while evening courses are completed in 40 weeks. Students are taught about the most common software used in offices and the right procedures to handle them.
  • Fitness Training Program: The 30-week, 900 hour program is designed to teach students the basic skills in handling an entry level job as a fitness trainer. Various aspects related to fitness like exercise, sports, nutrition and psychology are taught in the course. After the completion of the program, students have the option to appear on the nationally recognized NASM exams.

westech college

Tuition Fees

On average, the total cost for a program at Westech comes to around $15,000. The program with the lowest fees is the Computerized Office Administration program costs the students around $13,300. The program with the highest tuition is the Veterinary Assistant program, which costs around $17,125.

Financial Aid and Grants

Students of Westech have the option to apply for FAFSA based government aid programs. Special private and public funding programs can also be applied by students. The Financial Aid Department of Westech College can guide students regarding all the necessary procedures for obtaining an education loan.

Career Service Department

Westech College runs a dedicated career service department to guide students towards getting appropriate job opportunities after the completion of their course. However, the college doesn’t guarantee jobs or employment opportunities after students passed their course.

Accreditation Memberships

The College’s programs have been accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC). The college is also a member of famous associations like the Alliance for Employment Training Panel, American Vocational Association and the Moreno Valley Chamber of Commerce.

Some Weak Points

Westech College has some weak points too. The college doesn’t have any transfer policy. Hence, students who have taken similar programs elsewhere cannot continue with their courses at Westech. The college also doesn’t have any policy of facilitating or supporting in the visa procedures for students from foreign countries. For this reason, the college is not feasible for foreign students. Reports of weak job placement rates after graduation may also discourage students from enrolling at the college. The tuition fees of the college can’t be considered as affordable either.


Westech College is an average option to enroll in. Students may need to look into a variety of options before making their decision.

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