Brockton Hospital School Of Nursing: Financial Aid Application And Procedures

Brockton Hospital School of Nursing

Brockton Hospital School of Nursing

Brockton Hospital School of Nursing is a private school that boasts of a prestigious reputation when it comes to nursing education. Because it is the only hospital-based nursing school in Massachusetts, the training is high in standard and quality. That is the reason why many aspiring nurses want to finish their degree in Brockton Hospital School of Nursing.

Some students and their families don’t have the capacity to enroll in college because of financial problems. Because of this some colleges and universities offer financial aid to deserving students. BHSN offers different financial aid to students to support their educational needs. However, financial aid is awarded on the availability of the financial aid resources. Interested students should first complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

You can do this by logging in to

Here are the requirements to be eligible for financial aid in BHSN

  1. You must be enrolled in BHSN
  2. Enrolled at least 6 credits for Federal Title IV programs
  3. Enrolled 12 credits for MASS Grant money.
  4. Must be a U.S citizen or legal resident
  5. Should maintain satisfactory academic grades as defined by BHSN
  6. Must not have any federal student loan in the past
  7. Demonstrate and prove your financial incapacity as evidenced by the result of a valid FAFSA
  8. Provide all documents that the financial aid director may require from you

Types of scholarships in Brockton Hospital School of Nursing

1. BHSN work-study program

Brockton Hospital School of Nursing has many work-study positions. This program provides students the opportunity to earn money for educational expense.

2. Signature Health Care Brockton Hospital Medical Staff

This scholarship provides $1,000 per year for full time undergraduate students who maintain 3.0 cumulative averages for community involvement and clinical excellence

3. Lillian and Arthur Epstein Memorial Scholarships

Arthur and Lillian Epstein established this permanent fund in 1991 that give students an annual of 80% of funds earning. It is awarded to full time day students who maintains good academic and clinical performance, and in need of financial assistance.

4. Women’s Guild of the Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital Scholarships

This permanent fund was founded in 1991. It awards 80% of the fund earnings yearly. It provides two awards. First, it awards $500 to a student with financial need, but has shown excellent clinical performance. This award is announced every year during graduation day. Second, the remaining balance will be distributed every January to deserving student who needs financial assistance.

5. Janice Dubois Clancy Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship fund was established in 2004 by Paul Clancy and Janice Dubois. It chooses a student studying full time who has completed the first year of nursing study. This student must show good performance and must possess compassion and leadership.

6. Sylvia Bailet Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship fund was founded in 2006 by Sylvia Bailet’s friends and family. She was a nursing professor in the Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital. This scholarship awards $500 annually to 2 students studying full time and have maintained 3.25 accumulative grades.

7. Corrine and Harry Rosen Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship awards $500 yearly to a student who is in need of financial assistance. He student must maintain satisfactory clinical performance.

8. Geraldine Gould Memorial Scholarships

80% of annual funds of this scholarship is given to a sophomore who is qualified academically with a point average of 2.0 or higher. However, this scholarship is only awarded to students who live in Whitman, Rockland or Abington.

9. Dr. Harvey W. Neitlich Scholarship

This scholarship awards 80% of annual funding to a student who has shown an aptitude in the field of oncology nursing.

10. Fred F. Wenier Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship gives a $500 award to an undergraduate full time student who shows interest in the field of urology nursing.

Brockton Hospital School of Nursing

How to apply for financial aid in Brockton Hospital School of Nursing:

Step1.  Acquire PIN – the PIN will be required to sign in the FAFSA. Both the student and a parent should complete the form. The assigned PIN will be valid and can be used in the entire time as a student is in college.

Step2. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid – Log in to . This will take 30 minutes to one hour to complete

Step3. Receive a Student Aid Report – One or two weeks after submitting the FAFSA, Students will receive the SAR.

Step4. Submit the SAR – The Student should submit the complete copy of the SAR to Brockton Hospital School of Nursing. Once the BHSN receives it, the student financial service office will use the information to determine if there are any documents and information needed to prepare your financial aid award package. If nothing is needed, an official financial aid award letter will be mailed to you.

Step5. Receives Official financial aid letter – Once you received the official award letter, you must decide if you will accept or decline the different loans and scholarships offered to you.

With the various scholarships and financial aid available, a degree at Brockton Hospital School of Nursing will definitely be yours.

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