How To Pursue An Online Degree At Keiser University Tampa

keiser university tampa

keiser university tampa

Are you thinking of pursuing a college degree after high school? Or, are you currently working and would like to go back to school for additional learning? Keiser University Tampa is just right for you.

Aside from the traditional courses offered by the school, its online degree program enrollment increases each year. This is for the reason that aside from the quality education, it offers scheduling options to accommodate your busy schedule. More and more adults are returning to school to upgrade their skills and to gain more advantages in an increasingly competitive job market.

Some of the online programs offered by Keiser University Tampa are as follows:

Associate Degree

1. Accounting, AA

A successful career in accounting starts with a great education. With Keiser University Associate of Arts in accounting degree, you can highly compete for entry-level careers in several business jobs. With this degree, you will gain essential skills an accounting clerk needs. You will study financial accounting, federal taxation and accounting software.

2. Aquatic Engineering, AS

This degree provides technical training in the pool and spa management. Topics include pumping and hydraulic technology, water chemistry, lightning and filtration technology. It also includes pool design, architectural design and methods of constructions and overall strategies for pool operation.

3. Criminal Justice, AA

This degree will provide you with extensive knowledge about the law. It specializes in crime analysis, criminal behavior and law enforcement. If you want to be a police officer or a detective, this is the degree you are looking for.

4. Health Service Administration, AA

Associate degree in health services administration program prepares students in both medical and business administration because the course deals with medical billing and coding, medical terminology, anatomy, physiology and entrepreneurship.

5. Information Technology, AS

This degree develops and enhances your abilities in the cyber world. Students get to study about software and hardware troubleshooting, computer languages, developing an information system and more understanding of internet and networks.

keiser university tampa

Bachelor’s Degree

1. Business Administration, BA

As a student in this degree, you will develop your understanding of business concepts, terms and theories. You will become proficient in analysis and decision making. You will also get a well-rounded business education in management, finance, marketing, accounting, law and statistics.

2. Nursing, BS

This degree is designed for those students who have completed the associate degree in nursing and wants to pursue a BSN for better job opportunities.

3. Psychology, BA

This degree provides an education of human behavior and mental processes. It also includes learning in applying scientific method and neuroscience relations to behavior. If your concern is to help people resolve mental health problems, psychology is the best choice.

4. Political Science, BA

Political Science is the study of politics and the government. This degree can lead to an exciting opportunity in government, law, politics, business and education. You will get a strong comprehension of how government functions in a society. Students will also examine the social, economic, philosophical and historical foundations of political theories in the world today.

5. Legal Studies, BA

The Legal studies program prepares students to pursue a law degree. The students will learn major courses such as criminal law, legal research, will and trust, contracts and family law. Graduates in this degree may work with a private or corporate law firm, banks and government agencies.

keiser university tampa

Steps on how to enroll online at Keiser University Tampa

  1. First, you have to take the University’s Distance Learning quiz, to help you determine if you will be a successful online student.
  2. Fill out the online application.
  3. Send your high school or college transcript to Keiser University Tampa.
  4. Contact admission counselor for the Placement test
  5. Pay a registration fee. Note that you will not be registered to any classes until the registration fee is paid.
  6. Pay tuition and educational fees – payment will be made by credit card.
  7. Acquire your username and password – you will receive them via email.
  8. Login to the New Student welcome page at
  9. Begin your classes.Be sure to log in to your class on the very first day of the term.

Not all students are fortunate enough to support their education expense and because of that, Keiser University Tampa offers several financial aid and scholarships to the right candidate. Some of Scholarships offered at Keiser University are listed below:

  1.  “First in my family” Scholarship. This program awards $500-$5,000 to Hispanic-American students who are first in their family to pursue a college education.
  2. Unmet need” Scholarship – This program is open to families with combined income less than $30,000. A $1,000-$3,800 fund considered as “last-dollar” resource when no other funds are available.
  3. Writer of Passage” Scholarship – This scholarship is awarded to winning students from Historical black college or university with a $5,000 college scholarship money. Historical black college and universities refers to schools that were established before 1964 with the intention of serving the black community.
  4. “American Dream” Scholarship – This is for African-American students who demonstrate financial need. The scholarship amounts to $500-$5,000.

Whether your goal is starting a new career or advancing your current degree, Keiser University Tampa is committed to your success.

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