List Of Degrees: Top Courses That Bring Success

list of degrees

Let’s face it: You’re thinking about going to college because you want to make a difference in your future. A college degree is a stepping stone to get a decent and stable job. However, not all degrees can lead you to the most profitable career. Here is a list of degrees and courses that gives you a greater chance for success.

1. Biomedical Engineering

 list of degrees

Because of the increasing number of aging population that needs medical care, as well as the advancement of medical technology, those who are in the medical field, especially those who graduated with a biomedical engineering degree are in demand. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimates that the job employment in this career will grow by 62% in 2020.

Annual Median Salary: $91,200

2. Nursing

list of degrees

According to BLS, occupations related to health care and social services will have a faster employment growth until 2020. The need for medical professionals is significantly rising now that the large number of baby boomer population is coming into retirement and in need of medical care. Employment for registered nurses is expected to grow by 26 percent, according to BLS.

Annual Median Salary: $67,930

3. Business Administration

list of degrees

One of the most popular fields of study among college students is business administration. One reason why it’s very common is because the job employment is very flexible – you can work almost anywhere — banks, marketing companies, and financial offices. And if you choose to further your studies, you can even set-up your own company, which can give you bigger profits.

Annual Median Salary: $123,260 for financial managers / $71,040 for accountants and auditors

4. Dentistry

list of degrees

If you want to treat oral problems, then taking a degree in dentistry is a good option for you. Aside from the great pay, it is expected that the job opportunities for this profession will grow by 21% in 2020. According to BLS, the increase is due to the existence of new studies linking oral health to overall health.

Annual Median Salary: $163,240

5. Pharmacy

list of degrees

Similar to nursing, pharmacy graduates can also expect great job opportunities in the years to come. The need for medical service is rising, and pharmacists play a major role in taking care of the public. They are the ones providing information and health education regarding the drugs prescribed by doctors and other health care providers. The BLS expects a 25 percent increase in job employment for pharmacist by 2020.

Annual Median Salary: $114,950

6. Petroleum Engineering

list of degrees

Engineering is also part of the list of degrees common among students. But of all the engineering majors available, petroleum engineering is, by far, the highest paid. And due to the increasing complexity of oil operations, more companies are requiring more skilled petroleum engineers to perform the complex job. The BLS expects a 17% growth for this profession by 2020.

Annual Median Salary: $147,470

7. Civil Engineering

list of degrees

Another great engineering course that rakes more potential earnings and stable future career is civil engineering. This is due to the fact that more and more construction projects are needed in the future. The BLS expects a job growth of 19% by 2020.

Annual Median Salary: $84,140

8. Information Science

list of degrees

With the advancement of technology, any job that is related to computers is highly in demand. If you’re interested in dealing with machines, then this is a great degree for you to take. The BLS expects that the job employment for computer and information research scientists will boost by 19% in 2020.

Annual Median Salary: $105,370

9. Computer Science

list of degrees

You know that computers and gadgets are popular today. And as the world becomes more and more advanced, computers will only become much more prominent in the future. With this fact, employment in computer science major will tremendously increase, giving those people who are interested in computers, a future financial stability and success.

Annual Median Salary: $83,800 for computer system analysts / $93,280 for software developers

10. Applied Mathematics

list of degrees

Similar to Business Administration, Applied Mathematics is also a good degree option as it is very flexible. Math graduates can use their skills in a variety of work settings, such as in banks, schools, private firms, and government. Job prospects for math majors will be very great with the years to come, as companies will need their skills to solve a lot of issues in various areas.

Annual Median Salary: $101,280 for mathematicians / $79,570 for statisticians

Students looking for a rewarding career that offers a great financial security should consider this list of degrees offered in college. However, one must not forget that success happens not only because of the degree you took, but through your hard work, discipline and persistence. 


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