What Is A Receptionist Job Description?

receptionist job description

receptionist job description

Are you courteous, polite, and generally friendly? Do you have good interpersonal skills, and can communicate with different types of people? Maybe you have what it takes to be a receptionist. Do you want to know what a receptionist does? Here is list of a receptionist job description. Added also are the 10 skills and qualities a receptionist must possess, and their expected salary and career outlook.

A receptionist is a person responsible for support position in an administrative office. They are the ones you usually see at the front desk. Because they are the people who greet clients and guests, the job requires a person to be socially outgoing.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Acts as welcoming personnel. A receptionist greets and welcomes guests hospitably and in a helpful manner.
  2. Respond to inquiries. He or she answers any inquiries about the company in a professional and accurate manner.
  3. Serves as a mediator. A receptionist directs visitors to their dealings and contacts, and arranges appointments for guests to meet with company staff.
  4. Takes on secretarial tasks. Part of a receptionist job description is to assist in creating important documents like spreadsheets and word. It is also part of his or her job to facilitate meetings and conferences.
  5. Possesses organizational skills. Skills like sorting mail, maintain a filing system and managing the office tasks in an orderly manner is also included.
  6. Take action as a planner. A receptionist arranges brief tours of the hotel rooms and facilities.
  7. Acts as a cashier at times. If the cashier is not around, a receptionist receives payment from guests.
  8. Works as an information desk personnel (promoter) – It is a receptionist duty to provide information resolving customer complaints and concerns.
  9. Assumes security guard functions. At times, it is required that a receptionist monitors guests who are coming in and out of the main area. He or she observes and reports any suspicious behavior or activity.
  10. Orders room service and taxis for guests

receptionist job description

Skills and Personal Qualities                                                                                                         

  1. Fast learner
  2. Must have analytical and problem solving skills
  3. Knows how to communicate easily, speaks respectfully and listens attentively
  4. Manages time and stress effectively
  5. Computer literate
  6. Performs multi-tasking quickly and efficiently
  7. Flexible due to changes in performing of duties
  8. Looks professional, and trustworthy. He or she should not be intimidating
  9. Approachable
  10. Honest and trustworthy

Receptionist Salary and Compensation

As of November 2013, receptionists in general, earn $25,000 annually. It is considered one of the least compensating jobs. The best-paid receptionist made an average of $37,000 a year, while the lowest-paid only $17,000.

Here is the list of the highest-paid receptionist working in the metropolitan areas:

  • San Francisco, CA – Average: $34,000 annually
  • Bridgeport, CT – Average: $33,000 annually
  • San Jose, CA – Average: $33,000 annually
  • Fairbanks, AK – Average: $32,000 annually

Career Opportunities

You do not need to finish college to be a receptionist. The receptionist job description is easy and can be done by any person who possess positive personal attributes. The person should meet deadlines, be passionate in providing high ethics of hospitality and can offer good services to clients. You do not need academic qualifications. But, having a general education, gives an applicant an advantage. Also, an aspirant must know proper English and math.

Receptionist skills are also useful outside the hospitality industry. They can also work on areas of customer service and administration. A receptionist is an important part of every organization. Just like in other professions, one has to be passionate and willing to work hard to become an integral part of the team.

With this receptionist job description, do you think you have what it takes to be an efficient receptionist?

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