St. Louis Community College Meramec Educational Programs

st louis community college meramec

st louis community college meramec

This is a comprehensive list of St. Louis Community College Meramec educational programs.

St. Louis Community College Meramec, more commonly known as STLCC-Meramec or simply Meramec, is one of the largest community colleges in Missouri. It offers a host of associate degrees for students looking for career training programs or those looking to transfer to a four-year university in the future.

Are you considering Meramec? Check out these notable programs to help you make a decision.

1. Horticulture

St. Louis Community College Meramec has an extensive horticulture program. It has a large area in the campus exclusively for its gardens and greenhouses. The horticulture program offers an associate’s degree in Applied Science, as well as, certificates of Proficiency and Specialization.

2. Business Administration

The Business program is one of Meramec’s most popular educational programs. Every year it churns out a big number of graduates with Associate’s degrees in Arts and Applied Sciences. Most of the graduates go on to continue their studies in four-year universities or work in areas of commerce and industry.

3. Music

Many students at St. Louis Community College Meramec choose to enter the college’s highly regarded music program. Concerts and musical showcases are often held throughout the school year to showcase its students’ musical abilities.

4. Education

Students looking to get an associate’s degree or certificate in the Education program can look forward to a degree in various disciplines which includes Art, Teaching, Technology and Early Care. The courses in the program meet teacher certification requirements and are fully transferable to four-year universities should the student wish to transfer.

st louis community college meramec

5. Accounting

The Accounting program at Meramec offers an Associate’s degree in Applied Science, a Certificate of Proficiency in Accounting, and a Certificate of Specialization in Computer Accounting Technology. Accounting classes are small in size, ensuring that learning is conducive and all students are attended to adequately.

6. Communications

Students earning an Associate in Arts degree through the Communication program can easily transfer to a four-year university. The program encompasses print and broadcast media and other forms of communication. Students interested in joining the print journalism can also apply for a writing post at The Montage which is Meramec’s student newspaper. The organization, Montage won the Missouri College Media Association’s best two-year college newspaper in Missouri.

7. Digital Media

The Meramec’s Digital Media program offers certificates of specialization in different fields, namely: Animation, Digital Photography, Interactive Design, Graphic Design, and Video Art. The short courses are aided by state-of-the-art computer technology, ensuring that students get the best experience possible.

8. Web and Software Development

Students can earn an Associate in Applied Sciences degrees in software development. The software development program prepares students to work with business application programming systems. The web development program awards a Certificate of Specialization to students looking to study the theoretical and technical aspects of building a website.

9. Clinical Laboratory Technology

This program prepares students for positions as clinical laboratory technicians in hospitals, clinics, and other health offices and research laboratories. Graduates earn an Associate in Applied Science degree and will be eligible to take the National Certifying Registry Examination.

10. Culinary Arts

Those looking to enter the food service industry can check out Meramec’s culinary arts program, which awards graduates with an Associate in Applied Science degree that they can use for entry-level positions within the food service industry.

st louis community college meramec

St. Louis Community College Meramec offers a number of degrees that can easily translate to entry-level positions in various industries. You can also use this as a stepping stone towards a four-year university course to further your studies. The wide range of courses and reasonable tuition should be more than enough reason to help you decide on going to Meramec. 

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