Statement Of Purpose Sample: Your Guide To Writing A Great SOP

statement of purpose sample

If you are thinking of enrolling in graduate school, make sure you have the right intention — whether it is for personal or professional development. A lot is expected of a graduate student, that is why not everyone gets accepted to graduate school programs. The key to successful admission to graduate school is to provide a great statement of purpose. Sure, you can easily search for statement of purpose sample to help you come up with a good SOP. However, it is important to note that most universities expect sincere and informative SOP from applicants and not just the typical copied ones..

A statement of purpose is very important to your graduate school admission. Most admissions committees or director of top universities gives a lot of weight on the SOP, hence, you only have two choices — either you get accepted to graduate school or get rejected. An applicant must consider the statement of purpose an opportunity to introduce themselves and why they deserve to be admitted into the program.

You can actually look for a statement of purpose sample that will help you when you make your own. Just make sure that it comes with the following:

1. Clarity

Make sure that it is clear in identifying a graduate student’s aspirations and goals. When you find a statement of purpose sample with clarity and has great quality then, you can make this a pattern in writing your own SOP.

2. Meaningful Purpose

Find a sample that has similar reasons why you want to get into graduate school. This will make it easy for you to think of more meaningful reasons to enter the graduate program.

3. Well articulated

Remember that you have to find a statement of purpose sample that is grammatically well-written — something that is evidently written by a graduate student. If you are going to make this a pattern, you should be able to compose one that error-free in grammar. It should also be concise and straight to the point. A well-articulated statement of purpose is one sure way to impress universities that will give you a higher chance of acceptance.

4. Organized

It is easy to identify an SOP sample that is disorganized once you noticed that information is written messily. It is important to organize your thoughts focusing on one topic then moving onto the next.

5. Concise

When you find a statement of purpose sample that is too boring to read, making a similar one will make Admission directors ignore your application to graduate school. Avoid lengthy paragraphs in writing your statement of purpose. Do not write about yourself too much nor be too cocky when listing down your achievements. It should be a balanced combination of personal, academic and professional highlights.

If these tips are still unclear to you, here are some statements of purpose sample:

1. The first statement of purpose sample is from someone who is applying into the graduate program in literature and culture. Notice how the student stated himself in a logical and clear manner. This truly reflects someone interested in literature and culture.

statement of purpose sample

2. The second statement of purpose sample is written by someone who is applying for a graduate program in Education. Notice how the student concluded with her long term goals at the end. The student also chose words that depict her SOP in a more objective manner. Being too dramatic will not impress the Admission committee of the university you want to get into.

statement of purpose sample

3. The third statement of purpose sample is written by someone applying for an MBA Program focusing on Ethical Issues. Take note of the introductory paragraph which opened with a “catchy” statement. Then, ideas are broken down gradually in the succeeding paragraphs. The essay reflects the student’s strong personal statement and gives the Admissions committee a picture of how he handles challenging situations.

statement of purpose sample

With these statement of purpose samples included, are you ready to make one?

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