Top 10 Colleges with Criminal Justice Majors in America for a Future in the Law Enforcement Field

Colleges with Criminal Justice majors are one of the most sought-after schools in America. This just shows that many students are gearing up for a degree in criminal justice or in the law enforcement field. In hindsight, the kind of school also plays a great role in grooming students to become the best criminal justice practitioners that they can be. The kind of training provided by these schools can equip the students the necessary skills and attitude that come along with the job. The following are some of the best colleges with Criminal Justice majors in America:

10. Rio Salado College10. Rio Salado College

One of the famous institutions when it comes to its Criminal Justice degree program, the Rio Salado College offers various courses that are inclined in the criminal justice field. Aside from college degree, this school also offers certificate program completion which requires lesser number of years in school compared to the college degree program. Aside from Criminal Justice degree, Rio Salado College also offers courses on: Criminal Investigations, Homeland Security, Criminology, Forensic Sciences, Law Enforcement Policy, Law Enforcement Administration, Transnational Crime, and Private Security. The school is also known for its good and safe environment. The equipment and facilities are updated as well.

9. University of Maryland9. University of Maryland

The University of Maryland’s Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice is one of the leading institutions when it comes to this kind of field. It gears for academic excellence and produces on of the finest graduates in criminology and criminal justice. Students are expected to undergo the required 30 hours for the completion of the course. Students should also maintain a grade not lower than C during the entire major program. Hence, it is not surprising that law enforcement agencies are bias towards accepting fresh graduates of University of the Maryland. Aside from the academic excellence, students are also trained to practice discipline and integrity (one of the many qualities required from that of a criminal justice practitioner).

8. Monroe College School of Criminal Justice8. Monroe College School of Criminal Justice

Opened in 2003, the Monroe College School of Criminal Justice was created in order to answer the demand for highly-trained criminal justice professionals especially after the occurrence of the 9/11 attack. The school offers both associates and bachelor’s degree program. For the bachelor’s degree, students are required to finish the 120 credits for them to complete the course. The associates program, on the other hand, requires 60 credits. The school also offers Masters of Science in Criminal Justice for those who are aiming for higher studies after they have completed their bachelor’s degree.

7. Sam Houston State University7. Sam Houston State University

The Sam Houston State University is being considered as one of the finest schools in America when it comes to producing brilliant graduates in the field of criminal justice. In fact, the U.S. News and World Report included Sam Houston State University in its 2009 edition for “America’s Best Colleges 2009.” This school takes pride of its research program that hones the analytical skills of their students and makes them the best criminal justice professionals in the society. Aside from the bachelor’s degree program, Sam Houston State University offers Master’s and Ph.D. programs in Criminology and Criminal Justice.

6. Saint Leo University6. Saint Leo University

Saint Leo University takes pride with its updated techniques and modern-state facilities that can truly help in educating students in the field of Criminal Justice. This institution is associated with the FBI National Academy Associates and is one of America’s most-friendly schools as cited by the G.I. Jobs Magazine and Military Advanced Education Magazine. Students are being trained to become good law enforcement professionals, hostage negotiators, interrogators, detectives and intelligence practitioners. Aside from the bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, this school also offers Master’s Degree for the same field. Most of its graduates are now working in the Secret Service, FBI, Tampa Police Department and Atlanta Police Department.

5. Michigan State University5. Michigan State University

The Michigan State University is one of America’s colleges with Criminal Justice majors that have been considered to be continuously producing brilliant Criminal Justice graduates. This is not surprising for an institution that has been in the academe since 1935. In fact, the Michigan State University is one of the oldest running institutions in the country that offers degree in Criminal Justice. Students are being taught and exposed to the different theories in the field of Criminal Justice, both the old and modern theories. It emphasizes the study of security and criminology which deals both domestic and international threats. Aside from its Criminal Justice course, the Michigan State University also offers courses in biology, chemistry, food science, fisheries and wildlife and computer science.

4. Florida State University4. Florida State University

The Florida State University is not new in the academe as far as producing highly talented and brilliant Criminal Justice professionals. For more than a decade, this school has been the training ground of top-notch criminology and criminal justice students. The school takes pride of its pool of professors who are experts and practitioners in the field of criminal justice and security service. Today, the Florida State University is expanding its reach by offering its new program which is the Computer Criminology wherein students are being trained in the field of information technology that deals with cyber/computer security, communication security and cyber forensics.

3. University of Pennsylvania3. University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania offers a bachelor’s degree, Master’s Degree and Ph.D program on Criminal Justice and Criminology. The course is being manned by highly trained professionals who are experts in the same field. As one of the elite universities, the University of Pennsylvania is strict when it comes to screening their students for its Criminal Justice degree program. It should be that students are interested in public policies as well as criminal justice system and security-related issues of the society.

2. Colorado Technical University2. Colorado Technical University

The Colorado Technical University offers a degree in Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice (BSCJ). The course is designed to provide students deeper understanding about the criminal justice system and to guide them on what specific field they want to explore after graduation. The course provides lessons on (but not limited to) criminal investigations, law enforcement operations, criminal law, criminal justice ethics, corrections, etc. Students are being trained by respected Criminal Justice practitioners and are required to conduct various case studies as part of their training.

1. CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice1. CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice

The CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice is located at the 10th Avenue, New York City. This school specializes in training students to become the best Criminal Justice professionals by exposing them to the different fields of the program which includes criminology, forensic science, security management, computer information technology, correctional studies, culture and deviance studies, and the likes. What makes CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice interesting is that it offers scholarships to students who are interested to study Criminal Justice but do not have enough budget to sustain until the completion of the course.

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