Top 10 Coolest Party Themes for College that Your Batch Will Remember for the Rest of their Lives

College will never be the same without parties and the best way to do it is by throwing a theme party. These parties can give college students a chance to show their creativity. Show up in a favorite hero costume and it gives college girls a chance to dress extra sexy and show some skin even just for the night or dress up in something that will make everyone laugh. The bottom line is that it is a time when college students get the chance to socialize and have fun together after a stressful semester or after the exams. Here is a list of the top 10 party themes for college that will always be remembered in your batch or even in your college history.

10. Decades Party10 Decades Party

Pick a decade in history and dress up like mom and dad or grandma and grandpa. From the music to the decorations make all the guests feel like they just entered a time machine and brought back to the day when men wore tight pants and girls wore long earrings with their Afro hairdo. Rent a jukebox and put up a disco ball on the dance floor too. To make it more realistic, try not to use the latest gadgets and experience how mommy and daddy partied back in their days.

9. Movie or TV Themed Party9 Movie or TV Themed Party

Choose a movie or TV series that is a group favorite, most popular in your campus, or a classic movie that everyone knows or a genre to give the party goers a chance to dress up as their favorite character in the genre you picked. If you decided to stick to a movie themed party, play its soundtrack and create an atmosphere that will make all the guests feel like they are in the movie. Go for a classic film or a trending and new movie.

8. Color Party8 Color Party

It is one of the simplest themes one can do in a college party. Just pick a particular color as the theme. From the invitation cards, the decorations and even the food and drinks should be in that particular color. To make it more exciting, send invitations that has says “party” in front and the name of the color you picked inside the card to give them the idea that they should dress in the same color.

7. Science Fiction Party7 Science Fiction Party

This is great theme for groups of friends who share the same interest. Find inspiration in Star Trek, Star Wars or The Matrix. Dress up like Spock and the most favorite villain, Darth Vader. Girls can dress up like Princess Leila and make all the guys wish they dressed up like Han Solo. Fill the room with model UFO’s and rocket ships or make them feel like they are in the Death Star or inside The Matrix.

6. Beach Party6 Beach Party

It isn’t even necessary to explain this theme. A trip to the beach is not a luxury that college students have, especially if the campus is in the middle of a big city. If you cannot go to the beach, why not bring the beach to you. Get some sand boxes and place them beside the pool and make coconut trees out of wood and paper to make it feel like you are on the beach. Ice cold beer, pineapples, cocktails and swim suits will make this party one of the coolest parties in your college history.

5. Alphabet5 Alphabet

The fun and excitement it does made this theme reach the number 5 spot in our top themes for a college party. In this party, you have to pick one particular letter from the alphabet then everyone must only wear a costume that starts with that particular letter. For example, you choose letter I, people can go as Ichigo or as an inspector. It will be a chance to test your creativity skills and it would be fun to see what costumes the other guests will come up with.


Nothing but undies! That’s right, you have to strip all the clothes you have and you only have to wear your underwear when you want to get in this party. Do not let anyone in until they strip down. All college boys are looking forward for this kind of party and the girls have the chance to be more daring by showing some skin. Just make sure not to get too drunk when you are in this kind of party.

3. Seven Deadly Sins3 Seven Deadly Sins

This party theme could bring loads of fun. You can have fun decorating and preparing and wouldn’t it be great to dress up as one of The Seven Deadly Sins? Girls have the chance to dress a little slutty by dressing up as Lust, Envy or Pride while men can dress up like a CEO as Greed or like the devil as Wrath. If you are having a hard time thinking of what to wear, just come to the party in your pajamas and a pillow and just say, “I am sloth”.

2. Stoplight Party2 Stoplight Party

This is a perfect theme for those who are still single. The color of outfit the guests wear will tell the relationship status they have. Red means that he or she is in a relationship, green means that the person is single and yellow means that the person is in a complicated relationship with someone. This is a good way for boys to know whom they can talk to without starting a misunderstanding with the girls’ boyfriend.

1. Toga Party1 Toga Party

This is the oldest college party theme and you will probably be in one or two toga parties before you graduate college. You could just tie a bed sheet on your shoulder, wear a pair of sandals and you are ready. Party like a Greek with bottles of red wine, grapes and serve roasted meat. You can even wear laurel leaves on your head and feel like a Greek god or goddess in the party. The great experience made it number 1 in our top 10 college party themes.

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