Top 10 Online Student Loan Companies to Help You Get a Student Loan

To get through schooling, particularly for post-secondary education, it is a basic prerequisite that one must be financially capable. However, with varying financial-related crisis, many students were not able to pursue and finish their studies. Some would choose the option of having part-time jobs and others are lucky of being scholars. But if you are one of those with low economic profile or self-supporting individual, student loans are available to provide you with financial assistance. Preferring to get a student loan will help support and cover your tuition and other eligible educational expenses.

Student loans can be taken from federal government, provincial or territorial, and other private institutions. These are options that you can choose to provide helping hand, but may or may not pay the entire years of your chosen course. Most of students seek for these financial assistances on bonded and trusted banks. To help you decide on the best and recommended companies to take a student loan, here are the top 10 Banks to choose from.


The Maine Educational Loan Authority ( is an online student loan company that focuses more on giving a secured site. With the mission of assisting students and families to achieve higher education, they offer the Main Loan and Main Medical Loan Services. It also has the secured feature to help your account safe at all times. If your information ended up in someone’s hands, this will not be used against you. This site also offers a competitive customer service.

9. Discover Student Loans9 Discover Student Loans

If you are looking for an online student loan company that offers enough disclosure and adequate information about the program, Discover Student Loans ( is perfect for you. Their loan options cover graduate and undergraduate loans, as well as private loans. The process of the student loan is much easier here. They even empower you with knowledge to make the best decisions. Through the availability via online, you can have personal updates to save time and money. With payment calculator feature, you can then determine your monthly loan payments.

8. Upromise8 Upromise

Upromise ( offers you a cash back program. This will help you earn 5% over with the online purchases you make. Here, you can check your eligibility. You just need to know your lender name and code of the specific loan you make. With regards to the payment, the cosigners and other family members or friends can direct their Upromise earnings to your Upromise account.


With the aim for being a pro-student and non-profit online student loan company, MEFA ( continues to provide quality loans for student and families. MEFA is a self-financing authority that provides community educational programs and other services. They are excellent when it comes to well aid-out information on the student loan services. You can avail with their graduate and undergraduate loans with federal and private loan assistance. They are always competitive and dedicated when it comes to customer services.

6. eStudent Loan6 eStudent Loan

eStudent Loan ( gives you instant comparison of your student loan options. With better information dissemination, you can easily catch up with the services and understand everything about college student loans. You have the options of private student loans, Alternative student loans; direct Stafford loans, direct PLUS loans for parents and grad students, student consolidation, as well as career and technical loans.

5. Wells Fargo5 Wells Fargo

Compared to other student lending companies, Wells Fargo ( covers everything. With numerous secured tools and adequate information, you have better knowledge on the transactions. They can offer you with competitive loan options of graduate and undergraduate loans, assistance for federal and private loans, loans for the student’s parents, and loan consolidation. With the payment, you have the auto-pay program or better pay via online.

4. SallieMae4 SallieMae

SallieMae ( is one of the smartest options when it comes to student loans. It offers low interest rates, has 3 payment options, and no origination fees. With variable and fixed loan interest rates, availing for graduate or undergraduate loans will all be worth it. They also offer insurance products that cover tuition, health, travel, renters, life, and auto insurance.

3. Chase

3 Chase

Are you looking for the a program that also offers scholarship search tools as well as tips and advises with the availability of your account information, online? Well, Chase ( is the best site for you. They offer extensive and great deals of student loans such as graduate and undergraduate loans with those students not able to receive federal loans and assistance, even loans for parents. For future reference, you can use their loan consolidation offer. They are accredited with the Better Business Bureau for more secured services.

2. NextStudent

2 NextStudent

If you are looking for a secured with excellent customer service student loan company, Next Student ( has the package you are looking for. Being one of the trusted companies, Next Student can offer you with loans such as undergraduate and graduate loans, private loans, loan consolidations, and federal loan assistance. They also provide Parent PLUS loans with a 100% loanable, excluding that of the student loan. Aside from providing you a highly-secured account, you can avail to their 20-year loan term of standard in the industry and have the payment methods of your preference.

1. Nelnet

1 Nelnet

If you are looking for the most reliable and trusted online student loan company, Nelnet ( is what you need. They are fully-packed with the services and options for you to have the greatest deals. They provide a large umbrella of loan options, covering graduate and undergraduate loans, private loans, loan consolidation and loan for parents, as well as federal loan assistance. You can have that precise selection with the offers of Stafford Loans, Parent Plus loans, Grad Plus Loans, and other incredible features. If you want to have the best educational financial support, Nelnet tops your standards.

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