The Top 10 Best College Halloween Costumes That Will Wow Everybody in the Party

Celebrating Halloween every 31st of October has been a tradition that many people observe through all parts of the globe. Every year, people are celebrating Halloween in different ways. In college, Halloween is most likely a costume or fashion contest. It gets harder and harder to think of amazing and unique Halloween attires as you get older. Nowadays, college students are now particular in choosing Halloween costumes that would not only astonish everyone, but they also choose a costume that will be comfortable and convenient enough to wear during the night of celebration.

Halloween is no longer a kids only event. It is not longer a trick or treat event as well. Adults have grown to join into this festivity by unleashing their fun and creative side. It’s a time for many to embody characters that they’ve always wished to be. To help you find the best attire for a Halloween party, here are the top 10 best college Halloween costumes that will give you the spotlight.

10. Harry Potter10 Harry Potter

Harry Potter is the most famous character of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter sequence. The good thing about choosing Harry Potter costume in your Halloween party is you have a wide range of selecting a character that will fit to your budget and at the same time to your personality. You can choose to wear the Hogwarts school uniform or the Quidditch robe. This costume is perfect for Harry Potter fans who want to experience a night in Hogwarts.

9. Chun-Li

9 Chun-Li

Chun-li is a famous character in the Street Fighter video game series. She is the most famous female fighter in Street Fighter because of her well known Lightning Kick. Wearing this costume in your college Halloween party will give a femme fatale look, especially to men. Wearing the blue qipao (a Chinese dress), blue leotard and white combat boots, you’ll definitely gain attention wherever you go.

8. Iron Man

8 Iron Man

Iron Man is one of the famous superhero in Marvel Comics. This superhero is commonly portrayed by Marvel fans. Wearing this costume in your school’s Halloween party can be a great idea. With its glossy armor and mask plate, you’ll definitely outshine out other Halloween costumes. It will be more fun if you add a bright light on the chest part of the armor.

7. Batman

7 Batman

The Batsuit is the costume of a famous fictional hero Batman and it is one of the ideal costumes to wear in every college Halloween party. This unique Halloween costume features a belt, attached boot tops, long sleeves and a muscle chest that will give you cool appearance and mysterious appearance. Whenever you wear this costume, just prepare yourself from your mortal enemies such as Bane and the Joker.

6. Astronaut

6 Astronaut

If you want to gain attention on your school’s Halloween party, then wearing an astronaut suit is one of the best ideas. This is also perfect for college students who want to experience a fun way of celebrating Halloween. In wearing this costumer, just make it sure to keep it fashionable and classy if you want to portray a significant American icon such as Neil Armstrong.

5. Marty McFly

5 Marty McFly

Marty McFly is one of the most popular fictional characters of the Back to the Future series. Portraying Marty McFly in any college Halloween party is great and fun because there are several quotable lines from the movie, and it will keep you kind if you’re in a bonfire or any other kind of outdoor gathering. Plus, if you have a best friend, he can easily accompany you by wearing a Dr. Emmett Brow costume, which is only composed of a gray wig and a lab coat.

4. Captain America

4 Captain America

Captain America is a popular super hero who appears in Marvel Comics. There are already several Captain America comics and movies are now made which boost its popularity and one of these famous movies is the Avenger. Wearing a Captain America suit in a college Halloween party will leave people astonished and wanting a picture from you. When you plan to avail of a Captain America costume, just make sure that it will be easy and comfortable to wear.

3. Catwoman

3 Catwoman

If you want to be a femme fatale on your school’s Halloween party, then choosing Catwoman is the best choice. This costume is very easy to manage, especially if you’re a brunette. The Selina’s catwoman attire is perfect for female students who want to have few accessories in their body. You can go for black coated jeans and add a high heeled black boots and black long sleeved. Then make or buy a black mask and get a sunglass or goggles to use as your “ears.” Don’t forget to walk with poise and make a seductive look to every person you’re passing through.

2. The Black Widow

2 The Black Widow

A Halloween wouldn’t be complete if there is no Avenger in the party. If you’re a female student who want to get the attention of everybody, then the Black Widow costume is perfect for you. Although this costume is a bit expensive compared to other Halloween costumes, but when it comes to elegance this costume is a great choice. When you purchase a Black Widow costume, make sure that it will perfectly fit to your body. You can also add other accessories such as black belt and unique fake guns.

1. Katniss Everdeen

1 Katniss Everdeen

Due to the great fame of the Hunger Games movies and novels, a Katniss Everdeen costume is trendy, distinguishable and very easy to set up. Plus, this costume is comfortable and convenient to wear, perfect for any outdoor gathering, party-hopping and hiking a lot on streets. In making a Katniss Everdreen costume, a tan or green combination will do. A hard pair of boots, a black t-shirt, a single braid and a parka is the only clothes that you need to wear. To complete the costume, you must have a bow and arrow set which is commonly offered by party or costume shops.

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