Top 10 Fun and Memorable Theme Party Ideas in College

Most college students will agree that college life will be incomplete without experiencing parties. Attending and enjoying parties is like part of the social life of most college students these days – meeting new people, making new friends and some cases, experiencing something new. College parties are something that you will remember for the rest of your life provided that it was thrown by a great organizer coupled with the nice theme party ideas in college.

Parties are more exciting, fun, and cool and inviting if there are motifs and ideas. These themes can set the mood for all the guests. Great ideas and themes create great parties. Lame ideas and themes create lame and unforgettable parties. Hence, if you will organize a party, make sure that you will cater to the needs of all the guests in terms of entertainment. A simple party with foods and drinks is good, but incorporating some creative themes in it is great.

10. Pimps and Hoes Party10. Pimps and Hoes Party

Here, you have to think of the pimps and hoes. If you are not open-minded and liberated, this is not the right party for you. If you cannot tolerate seeing men and women wearing revealing dresses, this is not for you. A pimps and hoes themed party is fun with a twist of sexiness. The costumes will definitely set up the mood of all the guests and having some great alcoholic drinks around, expect some wild and crazy party. If you do not have any idea about what to wear, watch Jersey Shore or incorporate some sexy details to what some pro tennis players wear.

9. Beer

9. Beer

A party is more on socializing and one way to have a great socializing experience is to have beer around. You can utilize beer and with some of your competitive imagination, you can create a party with fun activities. Beer pong, beer-funnel challenge, and flip-cup race – these are some games you can play and every one should participate! Create more games adding beer to it and winners will be drinking more beer or other hot and exciting prizes.

8. Foams

8. FoamsWant to get wet and slippery but you do not have a swimming pool in your party venue? Then try the foam themed party! Here, you will need to rent a foam machine and let everyone to be sprayed with foam. Having a linoleum or wooden floor will be advantageous. As your guests are slippery, you can see them slide and even tumble! It would be great if all your guests will arrive wearing their casual swimsuits!

7. Black light graffiti

7. Black light graffitiAll your guests must wear white shirts. You can tell them to bring their own highlighters or you provide for them. A glowing highlighter is preferred. Install or rent a black lighting system. Then make everyone write or draw something to each other shirts. Turn off the normal lights and turn on the black light – you will the highlighter and the markings glow. Read and have fun all night!

6. ABC

6. ABCIf you cannot think of the right costume theme for your party, then go for the classical ABC! This is no letter, it is for Anything But Clothes that means everyone must wear costumes or dress except for the regular clothes. You will see here people using their imaginative side, as you will see guys and girls using duct tape to cover the private parts. Trash bags, container boxes, leaves and papers – these are some of what you can try to use!

5. Toga

5. TogaDo you know Belushi? He can be your model in creating a toga costume. This is one of the classic themes in most themed parties in college. Why not put some new approach in it in which you will be creative in your costume letting you to stand out? In addition, get ready for the beer in this one!

4. Hawaiian style

4. Hawaiian style Do you feel seeing luau? Do you feel having a beach themed party with girls dancing with grass skirts, flowers in their neck and head with pearly shells? Do you want to drink in a coconut shell? Then a Hawaiian or luau themed party is what you need! This party is best before or during the summer time, as people are mostly in the party mood in this season.

3. Do it for money

3. Do it for moneyIf you want some zing and fun in your party, make all of your guests participate in your game. Hand them some fake money or the monopoly money. Make them to offer propositions to one another. The more daring the proposition will be accepted with higher probability. Make them have the attitude if doing everything for the money! You can see your guests bring out their wild side proposing naughty, crazy and wild stuffs and this will make a great party for everyone! The drunker they get, the wilder the propositions!

2. Fictional characters/cosplay

2. Fictional characters-cosplayEngage in a costume theme party in which the idea will be to wear costumes of super heroes, fictional characters or simply cosplay with a touch of party ambience. For guys, you will surely benefit from it as most of the dresses of women super heroes are sexy. This will be a fun night as everyone is masked and hence, their shyness will slowly go away from them in interacting and socializing with the guests. You will see briefs worn outside the pants like Batman and Superman or some animated characters in their costumes especially the Japanese anime in which girls are usually hot and sexy.

1. Costumes inspired by fashions by the decades

1. Costumes inspired by fashions by the decadesAmong the most common and used theme party ideas in college are the fashion statement for the past decades. For instance, you can wear what Elvis Presley or Marilyn Monroe wore during the 1950s. You can try the miniskirts, bell bottoms and the epicene hippie look of the late 1960s and the 1970s. Wear box-shaped PVC dresses, culottes and go-go boots like that of the 1960s. The valley girl, power dressing, dancewear, leotards, preppy and new romantic look took waves in the 1980s and you can revive them in your party!

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